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3 things you are forgetting when it comes to paid surveys online

There are a plethora of reasons to take paid surveys online. You may have recently talked to customer service at one of your favorite stores and they asked for your feedback. Maybe you're graduating and your school wants to know about your experience during the four years you attended. No matter the reason, your responses provide valuable information about how these businesses are doing and in what areas they could improve. While your feedback may be helping them out, it's also giving you a few benefits in return.

1. Inside knowledge
Services aren't the only things that require customer reviews. Products also need feedback, whether or not they've already hit the market. Companies will send people items that need to be tested for an extended period of time. If the product is already in stores, businesses may be looking for marketing feedback - who uses it most? What do they use it for? How does it compare to similar items on the shelves? You could provide valuable information on how they can make it more successful.

However, you may also get to try out products before they're even announced to the public. It will most likely only be a prototype but won't you be excited to have access to something no one else does? You'll get to test it and offer your suggestions and information about what you liked and didn't like about them.

2. Prizes
What you may not know is that when you take online surveys you also earn rewards. These can range from cash to free products. At Opinion Outpost, each survey you take gets you points. From there, they can be turned into money via PayPal or go toward gift cards for music, movies and websites. It's almost like you're getting free money to spend since nothing ever gets taken out of your account.

Opinion Outpost also loves to reward its users with larger gifts. Four times a year - once every three months - members are entered into a drawing for $10,000. Imagine the things you could do with that amount of money. Each survey earns you one entry, so the more surveys you take, the bigger chance you have of winning.

3. Valuable feedback
There are billions of products in the world right now and each of them need customer opinions to be at its best level. This is your chance to let your voice be heard. What don't you like about something? What are ways it can be improved? How often do you use it? Any information you can provide to companies can help them fix any glitches, as well as target the right people to purchase the product or use the service.

Hundreds of thousands of people participate in them on Opinion Outpost, alone. You'll be able to provide your feedback on a myriad of products and services taking paid surveys online. Instead of commenting on forums, providing information through websites like this will ensure your thoughts get to the companies. The more people that take surveys, the more information the business has to go on.

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