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3 free online skills that help you invest in yourself

3 free online skills that help you invest in yourself

Making more money is one of the best ways to save more money. Honing your skills and earning more may have been difficult when people needed to travel to a library to learn a thing or two. Nowadays, many people carry a smartphone with answers to nearly everything via the Web. More than that, most people can access tools on the Internet via a desktop at a local library or at home.

For thousands of people, this makes online money-making ventures like taking surveys for money quick and easy. For others, you can access other tools as well that could help you learn new skills and find a job in a new industry.

We're not talking about online colleges. There are tools and courses that are completely free to use online and can help you get a leg up in the workforce. Here are just a few examples.

1. Learn how to code
Building websites, applications and computer solutions often takes some expertise in coding. With more businesses moving into a digital landscape, people who know how to code are pretty valuable. Luckily, there are a few different free online tools that can show you the ropes.

  • Codecademy teaches the basics of coding to millions of users, and offers several different tracks. 
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology often puts its courses online for free. Introduction to programming in Java is one of the courses you'll find on the Web.
  • Khan Academy is one of the original coding free online coding resources, according to Inc. Now, the site has an enormous amount of options for the aspiring coder.

2. Master Excel
If you're interested in business and building a budget, or if you just want to develop your organizational skills, Excel is an incredibly valuable tool. It's used by businesses the world over to create everything from production schedules to balance sheets. In fact, the software is so valuable that the creators behind Chandoo.org have created a database of free online video courses explaining how you can make the tool work for you. 

3. Learn about digital marketing
As more businesses are bringing their services online, they need professionals that can measure traffic to and from their sites. More than that, they need people who can analyze what Web advertisements are driving sales and how their websites are serving customers. There are a few different programs that allow specialists to measure website traffic. One of the most widely used - and free to learn - products is Google Analytics. 

Google offers free courses and online certifications through Analytics Academy & Google Analytics IQ

While Google Analytics teaches users how to measure Web traffic, Hubspot Academy can be used to learn the basic tenets of inbound marketing and digital marketing on a broader scale. It covers everything from how a website can be best designed for users to what advertisements can be funneled specifically to the people most likely to indulge in a particular business's services.

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