Special Announcement For Opinion Outpost Members

Avoid scams involving the Opinion Outpost name.

Recently, we have learned of a scam using the Opinion Outpost brand. We are very concerned with consumers being misled or deceived by someone or some company using the name of one of our survey panels.

Please note that we have not found any issue with the security of our panelist data and neither SSI nor Opinion Outpost are promoting, offering, or involved with any offer or mystery shopping program that asks you to deposit money in to your bank account and to transfer that money to a third person using any money transfer service.

If you receive a communication from someone alleging to be associated with Opinion Outpost and containing such an offer, please contact privacy@surveysampling.com or helpdesk@opinionoutpost before depositing the check.

We thank you for your continued safe participation and for being a valuable part of our community!