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Advantages of Working from Home

Due to the mobility of technology in today’s society, working from home has become quite popular in many demographics. In many cases, those who create websites, write content or have any other job that is based online can easily work from the comfort of home instead of commuting to an office. Below are five reasons why working from home is the better work environment:

No Wardrobe Investment:
When working in an office environment, clothing is a necessary expense in order to appear professional. However, when individuals work from home, they can often remain in jeans or other casual attire throughout the day. They do have to invest in a few pieces of professional attire to wear when they meet clients, but the amount of clothing they need versus a person who works in an office is greatly reduced. This reduction in wardrobe investment can be a significant savings as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports most Americans spend well over $1,000 each year on their wardrobes.

Save on Gas and Vehicle Maintenance:
A vehicle is necessary for individuals to commute to and from work, but individuals who work from home can often forgo buying new vehicles. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining a vehicle is significant. However, an individual who works from home will drive significantly less. This means the cost to maintain their vehicles and the need to replace them on a regular basis will also be reduced.

Spend more time with family:
A long commute can cause an individual to lose precious time with their family. However, an individual who works from home simply has to open up an office door or set down their laptop to participate in family time. They are present within their home instantaneously when they end their work day. This alone is a huge benefit of working at home.

More productive:
An office is full of distractions be it a drop-in salesman wanting to sell his latest product or a coworker wanting to discuss what happened to her on the way to work. Therefore, being at home alone can actually boost an individual’s productivity greatly. It is easy to see how this is possible when all the distractions common to an office are eliminated for the at-home worker.

The fifth and final benefit working at home has over a traditional office job is flexibility. In most offices, there are set work hours. These hours do not vary. However, when individuals choose to work from home, they can alter their hours, enabling them to participate in activities they would otherwise miss such as a school function for their child held during office hours.

The five points listed above showcase why working from home is becoming so popular. For most people, its benefits far outweigh any negatives that might exist. Unfortunately, not every job can be brought home, but for the jobs that can operate from a home base, it is a great work environment that is likely to continue to grow in popularity.

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