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Win our prize draw [VIDEO]

Many people have a mission objective of earning a little cash on the side. While a lot of cash would make a difference, a little help here and there also goes along way. At Opinion Outpost, there's a chance you can have both.

Members will earn points for completed surveys that they can later redeem for cash or other gift cards. However, each time a member attempts a survey they are entered into a quarterly prize draw for $10,000. Also, members can redeem the points they earn for entries into the prize draw to increase their chances.

For a lot of people that 10K is a game changer. Our last winner, Bobby L., plans on using the cash to invest in his home. He said, "Now I can pursue those home improvement projects I couldn't afford and put the rest in savings for a rainy day."

Winning our prize draw, while different in many ways, can almost feel like winning the lottery. We asked our members how often they play a lottery game and a whopping 55% said they at least occasionally play.

Join Opinion Outpost for your chance to take surveys, earn uncapped entries in our a $10K prize draw, and hopefully become a big quarterly winner!

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