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Why you should provide valuable responses while taking surveys for money

The answers you provide on a paid online survey can have a big effect on the business world, and the business world has a big effect on consumers like you. Your neighbor, your cousin, your best friend - they all have something to gain from your responses to online surveys.

Some people forget this because the process takes time and isn't always so clear. Here's a very basic synopsis of how your answers make an impact.

  1. A company designing a new product needs information about what improvements consumers want to see.
  2. It develops a survey that asks specific questions that will supply them with that valuable information.
  3. Those surveys are distributed by organizations like Opinion Outpost to consumers like you.
  4. You provide the insights and send the surveys back.
  5. The company tailors its project specifically to your answers along with the thousands of other answers provided.
  6. A new item is created based on those insights, and the final product is sold in stores or online.

Using this formula, it becomes clear how an answer you didn't necessarily put a lot of thought into can have a big impact on what consumers see on the showroom floor - or what you could end up buying. For the benefit of everyone involved - the company, the consumer, the store, etc. - it's essential that the information you provide is valuable. But how do you provide valuable information in the first place?

First, take your time
It may seem like a good idea to answer questions as quickly as possible so you can get to the next survey and make more money. This isn't the case, however. The less time you spend thinking about an honest answer, the greater the likelihood you'll provide an insight that isn't thoughtful or valuable.

But if no one you know is going to buy this product, what's the big deal? Aside from impacting the consumers who do buy that item, you also could be ruining your chances of receiving more surveys in the future. Companies gain the most from consumers that provide insightful, honest answers to their open-ended questions. If your answers don't benefit them, they could be less likely to send another survey to you later.

Give your genuine opinion
Don't let anyone else influence your answers either. Paid surveys are made to gauge the thoughts and feelings of the general public and find interesting, insightful answers. When you compromise your information by letting someone else color your opinion, you're not doing anyone any favors. First, you're robbing yourself of the opportunity to provide your individual feedback.

Second, by doing this you'll be feeding into the bandwagon fallacy. The bandwagon fallacy is the belief that the most popular answer must also be the right answer. Remember, a wise man once said, "What's right isn't always popular, and what's popular isn't always right." Let your individual opinion shine through, even if it isn't the most conventional answer. Believe it or not, those responses can have a big effect on product development, too.

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