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Why Tina Belcher of "Bob's Burgers" Rules

The FOX network has a time-honored tradition of presenting compelling animated shows targeted at young adults. Take "The Simpsons" - it's been on the air for 25 years and fostered what seems like an endless stream of revenue, a pattern followed by longtime successes like "Family Guy" and "American Dad," both of which have been on air for more than 10 years. These shows can be a riot to watch when one earns money at home with paid surveys.

Most recently, animated sitcom "Bob's Burgers" has entered this family, and just wrapped its fourth season following lower middle class family, the Belchers, as they try to keep the titular restaurant open. By far, the breakout character of the series is owner Bob Belcher's daughter, Tina, who has become an unlikely feminist symbol on the often unfriendly female landscape that is network television. Here's why we think Tina Belcher rules.

She's confident and kind
Even when facing rejection and hardship, Tina sticks to her guns. There are countless examples of the character following her heart in spite of her family's often crazy get-rich-quick plans to preserve the restaurant - she gets too nervous to lie to her mother, she gets anxiety when she is torn between love interests Jimmy Pesto and ballet dancer Josh and she is fiercely loyal to her parents and siblings. This is in contrast to her younger siblings Gene and Louise who, while well-intentioned, have more difficulty controlling their impulses and desire to go wild.

What's more, she's a beloved figure in the family. As AV Club contributor Sonia Saraiya noted in a study on the character, the Belcher family grows increasingly unstable when the mild Tina is unhappy, whether this is caused by a missed camping trip, wanting to shave her legs for the first time or failing to get on the cheerleading squad.

She's a pubescent mess
In the pilot for "Bob's Burgers," Tina's character was actually named Daniel and was intended to be the eldest son of the Belcher family. When the FOX network picked up the series, the character was changed to female but the lines were barely altered, giving Tina a perspective on puberty that is rarely shown for her gender.

According to Bi*** contributor Gabrielle Moss, young females who express their crushes freely and without shame on television are often portrayed as ridiculous, but Tina's honesty is often rewarded with success in the show. The 13-year-old has gone between juggling boyfriends to suffering heartbreak on the weird, pre-pubescent rollercoaster that is par for the course at that age, making her incredibly relatable for an animated character.

She says the darndest things
Because it's impossible not to quote her, here are some of Tina Belcher's quotable words to live by according to Hollywood.com contributor Sage Young.

  • "Here's a bunch of numbers. They may look random, but they're my phone number."
  • "Is it possible to be in love with 25 people at once?"
  • "Dr. Yap is dreamy. When he's looking at my molars, it's like he's looking into my soul."

When you earn extra money online, take a few free moments to enjoy the unlikely wonder that is Tina Belcher on "Bob's Burgers." You'll be glad you did!

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