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Who's taking paid surveys online anyway?

Sign-up is free, you can work from anywhere and there's no training necessary - if paid surveys really are so great, why don't more people take them? What you might not realize is that a great deal of people already do take surveys online in their free time.

For companies and businesses to use the data they receive from surveys with any reliability, they need a huge pool of respondents to give their opinions. Oftentimes, that means at least several hundreds to a few thousands of people take each survey that's distributed, and those people come from dozens of different walks of life.

College students
It's no secret that your typical college student could use a little spending money. After all, tuition fees and living expenses aren't always cheap. With a schedule packed with classes, extracurricular activities, internships and more, part-time jobs aren't always feasible. With paid online surveys, students choose when, where and how much they want to work. It's an easy responsibility to balance and there are no pressing expectations.

Stay-at-home moms and dads
On the other hand, there are people with plenty of time on their hands who want to find the most productive way to use it. Stay-at-home parents may not be able to apply for a job and allow the house to fall into disarray, but there are other opportunities online. Filling out questionnaires for an hour or so every day will put spending money in your pocket, and it won't keep you too preoccupied to pick the kids up from school.

Even after putting away a generous amount for a comfortable retirement, many people choose to earn a little extra money for some added security. What's the point of retiring if you're going to take on a part-time job, though? Paid surveys are how some retirees earn some added cash without the hassle of commuting, work schedules, bosses and unwanted responsibilities. Whether they want to save up a little cash for an unplanned trip or for a new gadget, online surveys are how retirees can get the relaxation they want and earn money, too.

Social commentators
Of course, there are other people who choose to take online surveys to share their opinions primarily. The cash and rewards are just an added bonus. Companies looking for consumer feedback are exactly the kind of outlet a Yelp! user or other review-site regular can use to share his or her thoughts and improve the customer experience.   

Industry professionals
Consumers aren't the only individuals that enjoy sharing feedback either. Some industry professionals - the ones making the products or distributing their services - like providing their opinions, too. These individuals often have particularly useful information, as they have specialized knowledge. Moreover, some look to Web surveys precisely because they enjoy their industry and like to provide commentary about it.

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