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Who are your favorite celebrities pulling for in this presidential election?

As this presidential race has become must-see TV, celebrities are throwing their hats in the ring like never before. In previous election cycle, celebrities like Adam Levine and the Black Eyed Peas performed on behalf of Barack Obama, according to the Daily Mail. Mitt Romney earned endorsements from famous folks such as Hank Williams Jr. and Melissa Joan Heart, and Mashable reported that at the time, Donald Trump was considered one of the former Governors' biggest celebrity backers.

This time around, Hollywood's most visible stars are continuing to do their part to sway the election. This comes in the form of social media posts, campaign stops or even major concerts.

I'm With Her
A concert, known as "I'm With Her," was held on behalf of presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton, one day after Super Tuesday, when the democratic nominee was able to win a few states. There were a number of celebrities present, including Katy Perry, who People stated  has had a relationship with Clinton for a few years now.

Back in October, Perry sang "America the Beautiful" as well as some of her most popular songs at a rally in Iowa on behalf of Secretary Clinton. This time around, she performed her hits yet again, donning very patriotic blue-and white-striped pants and a red bustier to match. 

Actors Jamie Foxx and Julianne Moore both took the stage to speak on the behalf of Secretary Clinton. Grammy nominee Andra Day performed as well. Elton John, who was also at the concert, is even closer to the former First Lady. Before he recognized her at his Elton John AIDS Foundation event for her efforts in eradicating HIV and AIDS in 2013, John told to the Associated Press just how much he likes Secretary Clinton.

"I've always been a big Hillary fan. I hope she's the next American president ... She's a great human rights campaigner for people of color, for people of [varied] sexual orientation. She's made our fight easier by being such a staunch supporter of AIDS and for people's human rights."

AM New York reported that there is a long list of celebrities who are backing Clinton in this election. Her opponent meanwhile, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, has his own share of followers, including Spike Lee, Danny DeVito, Will Ferrell and Sarah Silverman. 

Donald Trump, a celebrity endorsement turned  Republican front-runner also has celebrity entourage, according to the source. Dennis Rodman, Charlie Sheen, and Mike Tyson are among the many famous folks who have decided to back the former reality star in his quest for the White House. In fact, wrestler Hulk Hogan has even said he wishes to be named Vice President should Trump win the nomination. In a race as unpredictable as this one, perhaps Hogan's wishes aren't to be overlooked.

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