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What Your Sunglasses Say About You

If the blistering heat is any indication, summer has finally arrived, which means fun, sun and extra activities should be the only thing in sight for the next two months. A cool splurge to make when you earn extra money online by taking paid surveys is a brand spanking new pair of sunglasses to tote along to the beach, in the car or just to spice up your latest selfie before it explodes on social media. When you make money online, it can be fun to make a purchase of this sort as a small reflection of who you are - but how do you know what pair best fits you? Here's a crash course on finding the shades that bring out your personality.

For the Class Act: Aviator Sunglasses
"Post Grad Problems" writer Mary Swanson asserted in a recent piece that almost everyone looks great with the classic look of aviator sunglasses. If you're looking to invest in a surefire pair of sunglasses for this season with money from paid surveys, this is the model to go for - with their signature reflective, silver-rimmed attitude, you're sure to turn some heads for all the right reasons. Aviators can look good with nearly any getup, but try to avoid too much denim and leather, or you'll start getting confused for an actual pilot.

For the Celebutante: Oversized Sunglasses
According to Sparklife, this trend took off in the early 2000s with the help of major celebrities of the early reality show era like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, and the look persists into the Kardashian-driven culture of today. Oversized sunglasses, though they can look silly when the concept is taken a little too far, are symbolic of wealth, privilege and a certain lifestyle. If you're looking to live like the other half on a budget, try a pair of heels and a hulking pair of sunglasses.

For the Sci-Fi Fan: Mirrored Lenses
Some tease this look for being a little too "Terminator," but mirrored or reflective lenses were an enormous trend in the 1990s. These shades can be flashy without drawing too much attention, and might even bring out the attitudes of the people around you - after all, isn't it a little vain for someone to stare into their own eyes for minutes at a time?

For the Vintage Lover: Shaped Sunglasses
It's impossible to look at heart-shaped sunglasses without them conjuring the image of the 1966 theatrical poster for Stanley Kubrick's "Lolita" - not exactly an iconic look of the movie, more of a look of the time. Whether your shades are round, heart-shaped or crafted into gregarious stars, allowing your sunglasses to take on a life of their own takes a confident person with the willingness to experiment with their look. These shades match up well with bright colors, high-waisted shorts and cutoff shirts to make your beach look unstoppable.

When you get paid for online surveys, it's fun to indulge a little every once in a while. Give yourself a boost in confidence and a killer new look this summer.

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