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What surveys say about the Golden Globes

On Dec. 10, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association released the nominations for the 2016 Golden Globe Awards, reported The New York Times. The ceremony, which airs Jan. 10 on NBC, will most likely draw a large audience. According to Forbes, televised award shows have regained prominence after years of decline. Last year, almost 20 million viewers watched the Golden Globes, reported Statista.

Award shows get a social boost
In 2008 it looked as though the end was near for televised award shows. That year, the members of the Writers Guild of America - a trade organization that represents thousands of film and television writers - organized a strike. The protest hamstrung Hollywood. As a result, the Emmy Awards telecast drew a historically paltry audience and the Golden Globes ceremony was canceled. Instead, a televised press conference took its place, reported The Times. The event aired on a Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. According to Statista, only six million viewers tuned in.  

Social media rescued the format. As platforms like Facebook and Twitter gained popularity through the late 2000s, the television viewing experience evolved. These platforms allowed audience members to interact with broadcasters, critics and fellow viewers as they absorbed a telecast. Award shows took advantage of this shift and introduced interactive content. The format recovered.

Last year's Golden Globes spawned 17 million Facebook interactions, reported Statista. According to Variety, Twitter users published 2.6 million tweets about the event.

Winners and losers
Many outside the entertainment community consider the Golden Globes a novelty - the tipsy, second-rate alternative to the Academy Awards. It's laid-back, dinner-party vibe certainly influences this perception. In reality, Golden Globe wins carry more monetary clout than Oscars. According to Reuters, Golden Globe Best Motion Picture winners get a $14.2 million box-office boost while Academy Award Best Picture winners receive a $3 million bump.

Critics and viewers often base their Oscar picks on Golden Globe outcomes. However, the Globes don't usually predict the Academy Awards, reported FiveThirtyEight. Seasoned forecasters look to The Directors Guild of America Awards, as this event successfully picks eventual Oscar winners 80 percent of the time. 

The HFPA is known for handing out unexpected nominations. This year comedy legend Lily Tomlin received a nomination for her role in the off-beat Netflix comedy "Grace and Frankie." Actress Rachel Bloom, star of The CW's "Crazy Ex Girlfriend," was also recognized. Of course, someone always gets snubbed and this year was no different. According to a survey conducted by The Wrap, the HFPA's omission of Johnny Depp from the Best Actor in a Motion Picture category has generated the most online buzz. Additionally, not one cast member from the HBO drama "Game of Thrones" received a nomination. The show itself was nominated for Best TV Series - Drama. This year, HBO received only four total nominations. According to Statista, the network netted 15 last year

Streaming services made mainstream headway this year, reported Forbes. Netflix received eight nominations. Three different Amazon series received nominations for Best TV Series - Comedy.   

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