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What questions are you asked while taking online surveys for money on Opinion Outpost?

Gauging consumer reactions to new products and services is what paid online surveys are all about. It's how companies make educated, data-driven decisions about their offerings instead of random guesses.

But you won't just be asked about products while using Opinion Outpost. The thoughts and feelings of the average consumer are too valuable for companies to draw a line at merchandise alone. Here are a few other types of questions you could come face-to-face with.

What did you think of this magazine, movie or piece of media?
At Opinion Outpost, you could literally be paid to share your reactions about a movie or the like. A company may want to know how many people intend to see the summer's next big blockbuster or find out about what themes on a magazine cover resonated with readers.

But what could a company possibly learn from what movies or cover spreads you want to see? Actually, they can learn quite a lot. These businesses want to see what kinds of trends are attracting the greatest following. If super heroes are the next cinematic smash, you can bet that a company will feature your favorite caped crusader in a commercial or on the label of its next line of products. In fact, you may have already noticed this trend right around the summer release of "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Businesses can make a lot of money simply by noticing what things are attracting interest in the broader community, so don't be surprised if you run into a fun lighthearted question about entertainment news at some point.

Who would you vote for?
Businesses aren't the only organizations that use survey distributors like Opinion Outpost to learn something about the average person. Politicians and pollsters use the resource, too. Those public opinion polls you see gauging the favorability of presidential nominees like Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and more received feedback from the public somehow. While some organizations call people in their homes and ask questions, others take to the Web to send online surveys for fast, reliable insights.

Right before an election year, it's time for those groups to ask political questions frequently. You'll likely answer inquiries about the national budget, particular candidates or popular social policies in the coming months so be prepared.

What would you change about this product?
And of course, you'll be asked a lot of questions about products, but the way these questions are framed varies. You could come across a multiple-choice question about an item's a labeling or an open-ended question about your experience with a popular device. You could also be asked to review a specific item being workshopped by a company for future distribution. 

There's a lot of variety on Opinion Outpost. You won't just be asked softball questions about merchandise. You'll run into important cultural inquiries that cause you to stop and do some critical thinking. It's unpredictable, and that's half the fun.

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