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What do people do with money they earn taking surveys?

What do people do with money they earn taking surveys?

Far and away, one of the best reasons to get involved in online surveys is to earn money online doing them. Convenience, fun and free products aside, that's the big draw many users look forward to while answering questions.

The big question then becomes, what do you do with the cash and rewards you're going to earn? Why not base that answer on what others are using the money for?

1. Holiday gifts
Everyone is looking for a little extra money to use for shopping around the holidays. What's more, the weeks and months leading up to the holiday shopping season is prime time for companies to get a little feedback about their future releases beforehand. It's a match made in heaven for anyone looking to earn a little before cashing in on all those Black Friday deals.

Better yet, put it all toward a little online shopping for Cyber Monday and start really capitalizing on those deals.

2. Paying bills
Of course, you don't have to wait up for the calendar to use those earnings. There are plenty of people that take paid surveys in their free time to use them on bills for the month. It won't pay off a mortgage or clear rent in most places, but what you earn online might just cover utilities, if not put a dent in all the rest. 

Then again, you could always save up your earnings and use them for the bigger things like student loans and the like. Every little bit matters when you're paying off debts, and that's something many product survey respondents know all too well.

3. Dinner out
It's not all about the bills, though. After spending your fair share of time completing surveys, you probably want to do some relaxing with friends. Luckily, the money you make online is good for that, too. When you're stressed and just want to socialize and get a bite to eat, save your paycheck and use the paid survey money to foot the bill.

4. Fund a new hobby
You already began a new hobby when you started taking online surveys. Why not use the money to fund another hobby while you're at it? Whether you want to start paying for a gym membership, buy some materials to start painting or purchase some new books, your earnings can help you do those things.

At the end of the day, your money and rewards can help you buy just about anything you want. If you're really having trouble deciding what to purchase, why not start a bank account and start putting the money aside for later? You never know what new gadget will come out next or when you'll really need some spending money. By saving up your paid survey cash, you'll be ready when that time comes.

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