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What can online surveys for money tell you about the latest trends?

What can online surveys for money tell you about the latest trends?

It takes a lot of time and hard work to release the next hot item - be it a smartphone, the latest fashion statement or even a household product. Companies have to conduct copious amounts of research, tediously develop their offerings and get that product tested by dozens of consumers before going through the process all over again.

Who tests those products? Well, if you sign up through Opinion Outpost to receive and complete product surveys, you could be shipped brand new items to test and review yourself. Your feedback provides companies with valuable data that will help influence product development right up until their goods get onto the showroom floor. However, you can learn a lot from those products in their beta stage as well.

What's worth developing?
First and foremost, you'll find out what items companies think are worth investing in. Believe it or not, that can lead to some valuable insights about other competing companies or even whole industries. Someone had to make it first. When it comes to everything from your favorite soda flavor to the type of smartphone you use, one company was the first to start producing and selling that specific product.

When you're the one testing items for companies, you could have the opportunity to try out the next big item before anyone else. However, even if its not a completely innovative device, you could discover something, too.

Businesses have to make their products slightly different to capture the attention of a different audience or improve upon the original to make a bigger splash. A perfect example would be Coke and Pepsi - they're both incredibly popular types of cola but any soft drink fan will tell you they taste quite different. Still, Pepsi was the "copycat" that was created 13 years after Coke was first introduced, according to Business Insider. Now, it's one of the most popular drinks in America. You could be testing that same highly successful nuanced item.

How does the 'original' stack up?
The entire reason businesses distribute product surveys in the first place is to learn from the feedback and change what they originally intended to sell. It's a process that inevitably leads to more sales and higher success. But how do you know if it was your feedback that was taken to heart?

The best way to see what the people really want - or at least find what the product survey feedback showed - is to measure the tested product against what's later released in stores in the future. If you're trying out a new item, you'll often be able to keep it free of charge. If you really want to learn a thing or two about trends and public opinion, keep an eye out for what that company ends up releasing in stores and compare what you see to the item you tested earlier.

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