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What are some examples of popular online surveys?

What are some examples of popular online surveys

Not all online surveys come in the form of multiple-choice questionnaires. In the world of marketing and business strategy, there are dozens of ways organizations like to test their projects before launch. Those projects take all different shapes and sizes, as do the surveys about them.

That makes things particularly interesting for survey-takers. Not only do questionnaires give you some valuable insights into what companies may be planning for the future, they let you have a little fun at the same time. Here are a few examples of popular online surveys that you may find interesting.

Try out products
Before a movie is released, producers will show test footage to gauge audience reactions to certain scenes before putting together a final product. With video games, teams of people are hired to play the product to test for bugs.

Product tests are similar. Individuals taking paid surveys are sent a work in progress before anyone else can buy it in stores. They're encouraged to use it as they see fit in their own homes and give feedback about the experience. It's a quick and easy way for businesses to see whether their products function properly and satisfy customers before large-scale production begins.

Test TV advertisements
In the same way producers need to test movies with audiences, businesses need to test commercials too. According to International Business Times, a single 30-second ad spot during prime time can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over $300,000 depending on the show and time slot. That's a huge financial investment for any business, so naturally those companies want to make sure their commercials are well-received.

That's why many of those organizations distribute commercials beforehand to individuals taking online surveys. They get to see how effective the ads are, and you get to see what new product or service they'll be advertising before anyone else.

Give feedback about slogans and packaging
It all comes down to a catchy tag line and some sleek packaging. OK, maybe it doesn't all come down to that, but companies need to get those details right too. Changing one word in a tagline could potentially be the difference between selling thousands of items and hundreds of thousands of items. With that in mind, business pros are eager to find all the relevant consumer opinions - from what color is most popular to what font should be used on the back of the box.

Much like testing products, that means you'll now how an item will look before it's released or before the business updates an existing product. Not only will you be able to enjoy those exclusive opportunities, you'll be helping the organization choose exactly how the product should appear. That's a lot of power for the average consumer. Instead of having to take a product for what it is at the store, you can offer feedback that changes a lot about it. 

Helping build the next hot household item - that's what makes taking product surveys so interesting.

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