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Ways to save money... and ways to spend [video]

It's a new year, and a chance for a new you. The question is - did you make a resolution to be more frugal in 2015, or to spoil yourself more often?

In a live Mini-Poll answered by 2,083 Opinion Outpost members so far, 43% said their new year's resolutions involve their finances.

Luckily, members of Opinion Outpost can stick to their financial resolutions simply by taking paid surveys. Members can complete surveys for points, which they can then redeem for cash using PayPal. With low minimum redemption levels, members don't need to wait long to redeem. They can have their earnings in a savings account quickly and efficiently!

To spend the rewards you earn taking paid online surveys, simply choose to redeem points for gift cards to some of the most popular online brands in the world - or redeem them for cash! Whether you're building a bankroll or treating yourself, start 2015 off by joining Opinion Outpost for free!

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