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Want extra dough for some tunes? Take a survey for money

The amount of music one can store on an mp3 player is astounding. According to EveryiPod.com, an iPod classic possessing 160 gigabytes of empty storage can hold 40,000 songs. Although you have to wonder whether or not it's realistic to use up all of that space, you'd be surprised how many people capitalize on such an offer. Heck, you might be one of them. So how do you plan on paying for all this audio? Websites such as Opinion Outpost offer subscribers the opportunity to make money online from home and receive iTunes gift cards.

Look out for yourself
"Why not just pirate it?" said the guy who's facing time. There are plenty of people out there who believe that illegally downloading music doesn't result in any consequences, but those same individuals would be sweating bullets if they ever got caught. Crime News Daily reported that David Pruett, a 35-year-old from Auburn, Wash. received an 18-month prison sentence for stealing digital content and distributing it around the Web. That's a year and a half spent locked behind bars with little to no access to any sort of media. Maybe it was worth it just to buy that Taylor Swift album after all, huh?

Not to mention, there's an often overlooked risk in downloading pirated content: You don't know who posted it to begin with. A sense of trust is established every time you click on a .ZIP file, but there's no guarantee that a Beatles album is going to come out of it. Many hackers disguise malware as benign downloads so that they can remotely infect machines and steal data. In some cases, such malicious operations require PC owners to completely rebuild their virtual infrastructures. This means that all the digital content they downloaded was lost anyway.

There's a safer way
Honestly, why not take a few minutes out of your day and take online surveys for money? The fact that Opinion Outpost offers iTunes gift cards is a huge boon to music lovers, whether they're jamming out to Ray Charles, Miley Cyrus or some obscure doom metal band from Norway. Plus, the surveys posted on the website are consulted by large enterprises throughout the United States, meaning that you'd be directly contributing insight regarding a wide array of issues.

Even if you figure each gift card is only worth 10 bucks, if you look at the iTunes store and begin browsing for albums, the majority of them are priced at $9.99. Typically, the more expensive collections cost anywhere between $12 to $14, but if you consistently fill out surveys for money, you're good to go. For those who prefer to buy EPs - five-song albums that typically cost $5 or less - participating in two surveys could help them purchase four collections from a few different artists.

Best of all, you're opened up to an incredibly wide range of music. Never heard Dion and The Belmonts? Now's your opportunity. Want to get in touch with some old school Motown? There's nothing stopping you. 

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