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Want a better stadium experience? Take surveys for money

Very few things in life compare to watching a group of talented athletes play at the professional level. Still, many fans claim that athletic associations could do a better job of creating an incredible experience at a ballpark or hockey arena. At times, ticket prices are exorbitantly high or parking is difficult to find. Wish there were a way you could tell these organizations what needs to be done? Take a chance and get paid for taking surveys

Improving accommodations
"Back in my day, a ticket would cost you four dollars." Good luck finding a deal like that nowadays. While ticket pricing can't be helped, the amenities one typically finds at a stadium may either be expensive or lackluster - or in some cases, both. Sports franchises aren't oblivious of game-goers' negative perceptions, but many of the higher-level management may be too preoccupied with organizing schedules, drafting collegiate-level athletes, orchestrating player trades and a collection of other tasks. 

Sure, executives can attend a game, stroll around the park and spend time to speak intermittently to fans, but there's two issues these professionals will face:

  1. It's not as if a general manager can sit down, watch a game and produce a report in an unbiased manner. Team owners have a stake in the facility's success, so their experience is somewhat different from the norm. 
  2. Walking around and chatting with a few game attendees is ineffective because there's only so many people to whom an executive can speak. 

For these reasons, sports franchise owners often consult statistics. How were such studies conducted? Websites such as Opinion Outpost offer consumers the chance to take online surveys, which are typically sponsored by companies looking to gain insight into the perceptions of particular demographics. 

Giving your expertise
If you view yourself as the biggest football fan to have ever walked this earth, there's a good chance you probably know just as much about the game as those making a profit from it. Wouldn't it be grand to give them your two cents regarding a particular player's performance? Or indirectly tell a franchise which athletes the recruiters should pick up for next season? You'd be surprised how much general managers and owners care about the opinions of their fans. 

Of course, perusing through endless letters from fans who either do or don't know what they're talking about is far too time-consuming for professional franchise owners. Addressing the conclusions of informed fans is important, but there's only so much attention such a professional can dedicate to those sentiments. For this reason among others, franchise owners and their subordinates sponsor surveys for money that allow large collections of knowledgeable individuals to voice their viewpoints. That way, different perspectives can be covered in a short amount of time. 

Not only are assessments that include fans beneficial to you in terms of giving you a voice, but the fact that you'll get to fill out surveys for money is a fantastic opportunity to make some easy cash. Instead of spending the time writing a drawn-out letter to an executive who is probably going to toss it out anyway, take 20 minutes or less out of your day to earn some dough and express your ideas. 

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