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Unconventional ways to use money earned from paid surveys

Unconventional ways to use money earned from paid surveys

So, you put in the time and took advantage of the chance to get paid for taking surveys. Now that you've done marketing companies across the globe the favor of providing your valuable opinion, what comes next? With a number of opportunities to redeem the points you earn by taking paid surveys, many opt to make use of an iTunes® Gift Card, which can provide a user with anything from books to movies and, of course, one of the most vast catalogs of music on the web. However, there are many items that can be purchased in the iTunes store that may not leap to mind at first thought - since you worked to earn that extra cash, it's best to do something interesting with it!

Fun items you may not know about
In addition to the standard music shop, an iTunes® Gift Card can be used to purchase a number of other unique services - chiefly among them, mobile applications for iPhone users and subscriptions to digital magazines or popular podcasts.

Mobile apps could be an excellent or simply entertaining use of the money earned when one takes online surveys. Many use the iTunes credits to purchase popular games to play while winding down at night, quickening a boring commute or waiting for the kids to get out of soccer practice. Some popular choices right now are user-friendly games like Heads Up!, Stay in the Line, Infinity Blade III and Kick the Buddy. Though sometimes silly, these applications are relatively inexpensive and a great way to relax after a stressful day - plus, when one fills out surveys for money,  apps can be a guiltless purchase.

If using extra cash for gaming doesn't appeal to you, there are also a number of productivity apps that can be purchased to make the simple time management stresses of the day-to-day grind a little easier to handle. Not only can an average Joe earn money at home by taking surveys, but he can introduce heightened efficiency to everyday life at little to no expense. For example, the Sleep Cycle Alarm application sets an alarm that works alongside a user's REM sleep cycle in order to minimize drowsiness upon waking up, giving the purchaser more energy after a full night's sleep or even a cat nap.

Another creative use of money earned on Opinion Outpost is a subscription to a favorite podcast, one of the emerging entertainment formats taking off, especially among those with niche interests. Many podcasts will welcome users into their entire library of hundreds of episodes, ranging from interviews with popular comedians ("WTF with Marc Maron​," for instance) to exploring the weird world of science (Radiolab) to satirical fake newscasts (Welcome to Night Vale). 

No matter where your interests lie, the benefits that open up to those who make money online in their spare time are limitless, and can open one's mind to a whole new world of listening. Who knows what you'll discover with your extra cash?

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