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Trying to save money? Plan it out. (video)

Believe it or not, spring is around the corner and that can mean some heavy duty cleaning. Often, this leads to papers like old bank statements finally finding a nice home at the bottom of your paper shredder.

One idea you may want to consider is revising your money saving strategy this spring. If you can manage to save even an extra $20 a week, you're looking at a surplus of $1,040 dollars in only one year.

Unsure how to begin saving? Opinion Outpost can help.

This free community has hundreds of thousands of people who are taking online surveys to earn cash. Each time you complete a survey at Opinion Outpost you earn points you can redeem for cash via PayPal right on the site. Store this money in a savings account to earn added interest, and the next time you conduct a spring cleaning, you could also be planning a vacation!

We asked over 2700 of our members how dedicated they were to saving money for the future. We are happy to see 46% are highly dedicated, 33% are somewhat dedicated, 17% are mindful of saving, and only 3% aren't dedicated to saving.

Want to begin saving money this spring? Sign up for Opinion Outpost for free to earn the cash you want to save. To get started, sign up using the box to your right.

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