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Tired from a big night out? Take online surveys

While you're recovering from a long night of fun-filled activities with your friends, you may visit iTunes in search for some soothing, placid music. However, upon purchasing the music composed by Thomas Newman for "American Beauty," you realize that the balance in your checking account is kind of low. Thankfully, there's a way you can fund such a purchase by getting paid to take surveys on Opinion Outpost.

An easy, leisurely task
Though you may be one of those fortunate to attend an esteemed university, it's difficult to wake up after a night of partying and say "Hello, world! I'm going to be productive today!" Instead, you're probably going to curl up on the couch and relax - it happens to the most dedicated college students and there's a good chance you'll learn from your mistakes.

Yet, as you probably don't feel like trying to spend time reading about the human lymphatic system or the ruminations of Nietzche, taking surveys for money is a good way to work your brain - but not too hard. While Opinion Outpost rewards its members by giving them cash through PayPal accounts, it also offers iTunes gift cards, providing you with a way to buy that composition by Thomas Newman or some other relaxing, tranquil tune.

Take a trip down memory lane
It's no secret that iTunes also offers people the chance to either rent or purchase movies. As a college student, it's nice to take a little stroll down memory lane and browse for the signature films of your youth. Though you may be slightly ashamed to admit it, you really want to buy "The Fox and the Hound." No other movie in the world has moved you like that 1980s Disney feature. But is "movie" really a proper description? "Masterpiece" sounds more befitting.

Of course, movies often cost $9.99 or more and there's that meager amount of cash floating around in your checking account. Sure, you could always save up some dough and then purchase the mov - excuse me, film at a later date. However, there's something about watching an old childhood favorite while eating a breakfast sandwich from the dining hall that's just too perfect. The fact that you'd be watching it while in recovery makes it all the more splendid.

If you're looking for a way to pay for "The Fox and the Hound," a '90s flick that incites nostalgia or simply want to load up on iTunes gift cards, Opinion Outpost poses a good option for you. The website provides you with a way to make money online and doesn't work that pounding head of yours too hard - it's not as if taking surveys is difficult.

Set yourself up with some good hangover food, a multivitamin and half a gallon of orange juice, then log onto Opinion Outpost. It'll be a much more productive morning than you previously imagined.

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