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Tips for makeup enthusiasts on a budget

Any makeup enthusiast will tell you that cosmetics are like wine - once you get a taste of the high quality stuff, it's nearly impossible to go back to the bargain options. But just like a vintage cabernet will cost you the big bucks, top-notch makeup products tend to come with top-of-the-line price tags. Purchasing items from drugstores as opposed to beauty megastores might be a more cost-effective option, but for diehard makeup enthusiasts, doing so would be akin to a sommelier cracking open a box of wine.

Unfortunately, not all those who worship at the altar of luxury cosmetics can perpetually afford to support their habit. If you're in this category - don't worry. There are plenty of ways to get the look you want for less. Here's how:

Layer your lipstick
If you're constantly craving new lip colors, don't go looking at Sephora. Instead, shop around with the shades you already own. By layering or mixing different lipsticks, glosses and stains, you can create brand new colors without dropping a dime. Try applying a matte base and covering it with a slick gloss in a different tone for a combo that adds both color and texture to your look.

Recycle high quality mascara wands
According to Buzzfeed, the secret to getting long, full lashes lies with the wand you're using, not the mascara itself. So, if you've ever invested in one top shelf mascara, you're already equipped with the secret weapon. Simply purchase a mascara in your price range and apply it with the more expensive wand, recommended the source.

Skip expensive makeup remover
Chances are if you use a lot of makeup, you also use a lot of makeup remover. Unlike cosmetics themselves, product cleansers are largely created equal. So, if you're looking for a way to trim your beauty expenses, opting for an affordable remover is a great place to start. You may also have perfectly effective choices sitting in your medicine cabinet already - Reader's Digest named Vaseline as one of the best cosmetic removers!

Use eyeshadow to its full potential
Contrary to its name, eyeshadow isn't just for your eyes. These pigments can be used for everything from blush and bronzer to eyebrow filler. Pull out all of your eyeshadow palettes and see if some of the unused tones could pull double duty in your makeup regimen. Try sweeping some shimmery shadows across your cheekbones in place of highlighter.

Don't overdo it on the shampoo
It's not just the cost of makeup that can start to become unmanageable - hair products can also grow to be a major expense. If you're like most, however, you may be throwing cash down the drain every time you lather, rinse and repeat. StyleCaster explained that many people overuse shampoo, conditioner, hair gel and other styling products. The source noted that you rarely need to use more than a nickel-sized amount of any hair product, as long as you make sure to distribute it evenly. Another hair care tip that saves you money - and costs nothing itself - is to only wash your locks every other day. According to the source, your natural oils actually help condition the hair and leave it looking shiny, healthy and strong.

Follow beauty bloggers for discounts and sales
It's worth following beauty bloggers for more than just video makeup tutorials and flawless Instagram posts - they can also be excellent resources for discounts and coupons for your favorite big-name brands. Buzzfeed noted that most beauty bloggers receive free products from brands looking for promotions, so they run contests where the winners receive their surplus cosmetics. They also tend to receive discount codes from makeup retailers, which they often share with their abundance of digital fans.

Take good care of products and tools
Using every last bit of product and keeping the same brushes and tools for a long time, are two simple ways to cut back on beauty costs. To be able to do both these things, however, means you must take excellent care of your makeup and applicators. Always remember to put lids back on products, and store them according to their labels' instructions. Clean your brushes thoroughly to ensure they remain in good condition for more than a few months.

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