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Throw a summer barbeque with money earned online

Summer is approaching - for many, a time of relaxation, recreation and vacationing with family and friends. In today's economy, though, budgeting for a big trip can be more and more difficult as the cost of living increases while pay rates remain stagnant. Fortunately, people everywhere can earn money at home by taking paid surveys in their spare time, which can add up to a lot of summer fun for the whole family.

Grocery costs can be offset for a barbeque
If a vacation is out of the question this summer, it's easy to bring the party to your own backyard by using money earned on Opinion Outpost to throw a barbeque for the neighborhood. If you fill out surveys for money, the fear of not being able to do your part at a pot luck can transform into a new grill and stacks of ribs when your Amazon.com Gift Card* is exchanged for credit at major grocery retailers like Whole Foods.

To throw a decent-sized barbeque in a suburban neighborhood, it's best to invite neighboring families and, if anyone is new to your block, can be a great way to get to know those around you. There are a number of affordable options for those on a budget when it comes to food and entertainment, and the cash earned from paid surveys can be an enormous source of help.

Large salads are big hits in the midst of the summer months, and the ingredients can be bought for relatively little money. Iceberg lettuce paired with simple additions like baby tomatoes, cucumbers and French or Italian dressing are always a crowd-pleaser when fighting the heat, and can be paired well with inexpensive barbeque options like hot dogs or hamburgers with American or Swiss cheese. Once you know how large the crowd you will be entertaining is, it's easiest to use funds to purchase ingredients in bulk to save a little extra cash.

Entertain at no extra expense when you earn money at home
Of course, delicious food is only half the battle when throwing a summer barbeque after you get paid for taking surveys. When the kids of the neighborhood invade your backyard, you've got to be armed with the proper entertainment to stop a party from going sour for the parents trying to cook and enjoy each other's company. 

An Amazon Gift Card* comes to the rescue in this scenario, as well - with the money earned on Opinion Outpost, you can purchase a number of simple summer games to get the kids cool and the adults happy. Some excellent options are an old fashioned Slip N' Slide, a kiddie pool for the younger set, board games, sprinkler toys or water guns (as long as the parents duck!). 

Picture this - your whole neighborhood lounging in your backyard, chowing down on hot dogs and playing in the sun, all because you were able to make money at home online. Taking the few minutes to share your thoughts on Opinion Outpost can really make the summer cool!

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