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This year's top stocking stuffers according to online survey

This years top stocking stuffers according to online survey

Amid the dozens of ads for new cars and smartphones in the weeks leading up to Christmas, it can be easy to forget that the spirit of the season doesn't have to come in big-ticket lump sums. Small gifts can still be meaningful, and stocking stuffers may sometimes be forgotten in the frenzy to keep up with the Joneses. 

The humble stocking is a wonderful tradition, and even if they aren't the main attraction on Christmas morning, stocking stuffers are an important part of the season nonetheless. Stockings might be the first thing Santa sees when he comes down your chimney, and it would only make sense he would leave great gifts there. Here are some of the more popular stocking stuffer for anyone playing Santa this year.

Timeless Tradition
There are any number of gifts or items that make for good stocking stuffers, but some mainstays are as old as St. Nick himself. 

In a survey conducted by Hanes, it was found that the holiday tradition of receiving socks and underwear is alive and well. In a national survey of 600 respondents, Hanes reported that 80 percent of participants received socks or underwear around the holidays. Moreover, 87 percent of respondents believed that their own mother would likely chose socks or underwear as a stocking stuffer.

For last-minute holiday shoppers, a poll from the National Association of Convenience Stores revealed that around the holidays, shoppers spring for more candy and small toys. The report found that along with sweets and toys for children, the holidays bring about increased sales in lottery tickets. 

For anyone worried that they might not have enough cash on hand for stocking stuffers this year, taking paid surveys is a great way to earn money online in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

But what about teenagers?
Candy and small toys are great for young children, and lottery tickets are appropriate for adults, but what about picky teenagers? Though their relationship with Santa may have waned over the years, parents still want to find the best possible stocking stuffers for their teens. Financial service company Piper Jaffray has looked into this matter, surveying some 9,400 teens to better understand their habits and commercial desires. 

Among other things, Piper Jaffray found that teenagers' favorite website for shopping was Amazon. Opinion Outpost members can earn gift cards to Amazon* and other top brands by taking paid surveys online. Gift cards are great stocking stuffers because they give teens the freedom to purchase exactly what they want, and give parents the peace of mind that their gift will be appreciated. 

Athletic clothing, movie tickets and cosmetics were also popular among teenagers, according to Piper Jaffray, meaning they would make great stocking stuffers this Christmas. No matter what your family's Christmas traditions are, make sure to fill your stockings with the best, most desirable gifts. 

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