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This week in news

As the summer winds down, there are a number of high-profile news cases that have been rolling through the headlines, generating a great deal of engagement from everyday readers. Though it can be challenging to keep up with the news circuit when you're stressed about the day-to-day grind of work, home and everything in between, these worries can be alleviated when you earn extra money online from the comfort of your own home taking paid surveys, sharing your valuable opinions with major companies.

If there simply hasn't been the time to get all caught up this work week, check out some highlights along with the rest of the Opinion Outpost community.

Controversy rages on in Ferguson
Ferguson, Missouri, took over the headlines in the past week after an unarmed youth named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer. A previously unknown, sleepy suburb of only 21,000 people, Ferguson became the focus of the world's attention when people across the globe looked on in horror as the story developed, revealing images and video of police brutality and attempts at censorship in the media. Journalists were actively threatened by authorities not to expose new information about the story, but the rollout was inevitable - protestors in the town posted on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make the world aware of what was going on. Politico contributor Alex Byers reported on the importance of the Internet in documenting the event.

"Mini dispatches from those near skirmishes involving protesters and police have played a critical role in shaping the news: The #Ferguson hashtag has been tweeted almost 8 million times this month, according to figures from Topsy, a Twitter analytics service," the source explained.

When asked how tuned-in they've been to the situation in Ferguson, Opinion Outpost users had a number of different answers to share. While 23 percent said they were very tuned in and 38 percent somewhat, 19 percent classified themselves as barely tuned in to the madness, and 20 percent not tuned in at all. As the story continues to develop, it will be interesting to observe levels of civic engagement continue to rise.

Taco Bell gets business casual
On a lighter note, Taco Bell has launched its first "fast casual" restaurant experience similar to McDonald's efforts with Chipotle and Moe's Southwest Grill. The store was opened in California under the name U.S. Taco Co., and there are plans for it to be launched in all 50 states in the next 18 months. According to food industry blog Foodbeast, the menu consists of upscale taco items with recipes from around the country as well as craft beers and other fancier beverages. When asked whether they thought Taco Bell's new venture was brilliant or boring, 61 percent of those surveyed were in favor of the new chain, while 39 percent found it to be "blah."

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