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The Week in Review

When you're distracted with the financial problems that plague everyday life, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest in current events. An interesting way to earn extra money online can be to take paid surveys in order to reclaim a sense of self and stay informed about relevant issues across the globe. If a headline didn't catch your attention recently, have no fear - here is Opinion Outpost's week in review.

Tony Stewart strikes and kills Kevin Ward Jr. in a non-NASCAR race
Tragedy hit the racetrack this week when famous driver Tony Stewart accidentally struck and killed fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr. during a sprint race, generating waves of media attention. According to the Boston Globe, it's currently up in the air as to whether Stewart can be prosecuted - he didn't hit Ward on purpose and wasn't trying to get his attention by jokingly speeding up, so it's unclear what charges he could be accused of.

Though the results of the court can only be decided by a jury, Opinion Outpost users have already weighed in on how they think things will pan out. 33 percent of voters believed that Tony Stewart will be named at fault, which 67 percent are of the mind that he will not be blamed.

Russian hackers compromise the personal data of billions
The passwords and personal data of over 1.2 billion Internet users were compromised by Russian hackers in the past week, causing average citizens to reconsider the way they conduct e-commerce. Al Jazeera reported that this massive data collection was amassed over a course of years, and interviewed Alex Holden, Chief Information Security Officer at Hold Security, about the operation's potential impact on Internet security.

"Their data caches seemed to grow from April on at a rather alarming scale, getting them to what it is or what it was at the time," Holden said.

Opinion Outpost users shared their thoughts on the recent development. When asked if they would conduct less business online following the Russian hacker revelation, 35 percent said they would, with the remaining 65 percent saying it would not affect their online habits.

When you discover the handy way to make money online that is taking paid surveys, a whole new world of spare time is opened. Enjoy the weekend, and forget Monday is on its way!

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