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The seasons are changing: Where will you vacation this winter?

As the fall air breaks the muggy summer heat, many individuals in the northern United States are likely already beginning to think about where they will go to get a break from the upcoming rain and snow. With travel costs such as airplane tickets and hotel rooms on the rise, it is never too early to begin considering where this year's big getaway will take place, especially if you're into international vistas and views. 

With the rising cost of travel in mind, you might be worried that you won't be able to save up enough to have a good time on your vacation before the cold months come to an end, but taking paid surveys online for a little extra cash might be just the answer. There is still plenty of time to make a good deal of extra spending money while you're sitting around watching television or doing other leisurely activities, and this can lead you to even more extraordinary travel options before too long. 

So, where will you go?
There are plenty of incredible sights to be seen overseas, but we will focus on the top domestic areas that you should consider traveling to this winter for some warm weather and cool experiences. The U.S. is beautiful, plentiful and massive in its diversity of cultures and scenery, so here are a few dramatically different examples of fun vacation areas you can consider after making some extra money online:

  • Honolulu: One of the most beautiful cities in the country, this vacation hotspot will be sure to get your children extremely excited for the winter months. From surfing and eating delicious local foods to chilling out on the beach and having a couple umbrella-laden cocktails, Honolulu's array of activities make it the place to be when the mercury drops elsewhere. 
  • New Orleans: There are few cities that compare to the excitement and unique appeal of Louisiana's gem on the gulf. New Orleans is far different from Honolulu as you won't really be able to go surfing, and cocktails with umbrellas on them are simply not local fare. However, you and your family can enjoy Cajun cooking, plenty of incredible music and immersion in a beautiful culture know around the globe. 
  • Savannah: Nestled in the heart of Georgia, this laid back and slow-paced city will give you and your family an opportunity to see just how incredible southern hospitality truly is. There are a few guarantees when you visit this historic city, such as the fact that you will be full for days, your accent will begin to drawl and your heart will be warmed by the level of welcoming spirit exuded by Savannah's residents. 

You could, of course, also embrace the cold and go to Aspen - or even Alaska - for some fun winter sports action.

Regardless of where you choose, though, taking a few online surveys for some extra cash will take the strain off of your budget, allowing you to really kick back and relax on your winter vacation. 

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