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The best comedies to download on iTunes

There's nothing better than sitting down and laughing along with a great movie after a stressful day. It makes you feel more relaxed and you can forget about the day's problems for a little while. Plus, it's a fun activity to do with friends - you just grab a bowl of buttery popcorn, get comfy on the couch and relax.

ITunes has tons of great comedies available for download. One way to pay for them is to participate in paid surveys. After filling out a few surveys, you can grab an iTunes gift card and find a movie to watch. After that, the movie is yours. It's better than buying a DVD, because there's no physical media that you could lose, and the movie can travel with you.

Here are some of the best comedies to download on iTunes:

21 Jump Street
This movie is a reboot of the TV show of the same name from the late '80s. But this movie definitely doesn't have an '80s vibe. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are super ridiculous in this buddy cop comedy. In this odd couple, Hill's character is an unpopular dweeb in high school, while Tatum's is a senior jock. After school, they both wind up in the police force where they get assigned to undercover positions trying to bust up a high school drug ring. It's ultra raunchy and super hilarious.

The Big Lebowski
This comedy classic features Jeff Bridges, John Goodman and Julianne Moore in an epic story about a man trying to get his rug back. Full of bowling humor and devious kidnapping plots, this movie is an all-time classic. If you've never experienced The Dude before, this movie is one you should definitely download in time for movie night.

Step Brothers
This movie tells the story of two grown men trying to deal with their parents' divorces and remarriage. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are excellent as the two large man children who can't stand each other. The movie is full of quotable lines and hilarious sight gags. If you're a fan of other Will Ferrell movies, this is one that needs to be in your collection.

The Princess Bride
This is a classic tale of pirates, princesses, giants, sword fights and true love. It tells the story of young Westley who is in love with the maid Buttercup. After Westley is captured, and presumed killed, by the Dread Pirate Roberts, Buttercup is set to marry the prince of the land - until she's kidnapped! This well-beloved film is both touching and hilarious. It's the perfect date night movie.

Tropic Thunder
The cast of this movie is trying to shoot their own war film in the jungle - but as they get deeper into the forest, things start to get a little too real. Ben Stiller stars as the slightly insane leader of a wacky troupe. Other cast members include Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Steve Coogan and Tom Cruise.

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