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Taking surveys is as convenient as modern banking [Video]

At Opinion Outpost, we pride ourselves on being a convenient place for members to take surveys online and earn rewards.

There's no jumping through hoops to participate: Survey invites are sent right to a member's email, and they can login to their account to take them as well. The best part is, our rewards process is as convenient as modern banking: Opinion Outpost members earn points completing surveys and may be eligible to redeem them for a rewards like cash or a gift card after just a few completed surveys.

The days of waiting for a check in the mail are long gone at Opinion Outpost; members can redeem right from our website using PayPal for cash or receiving an electronic gift card of their choosing.

Members can also redeem from their mobile device, as opinionoutpost.com is mobile friendly.

With so much online banking happening these days, we were wondering if people are still visiting the bank at all. We asked our members to describe their banking habits.

Sixteen percent said they visit the bank two or more times a week, while another 16 percent said they visit once a week. Twenty-seven percent said they go to the bank one or two times a month, while a whopping 41 percent said they go less than once a month.

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