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Take surveys to fund holiday shopping essentials

Take surveys to fund holiday shopping essentials

According to a Gallup survey, shoppers are planning to spend an average $812 during this holiday season - the highest projected expenditure since 2007. With consumers looking to spend bigger bucks this year, you need to boost your shopping strategy and intensify your purchasing tool kit. Of course, you might need a little extra money to pull this off. Opinion Outpost can help. Just fill out a few paid surveys and you should be set. But, before you start scouring the web for holiday shopping essentials, look over our suggestions.

Quit cutting those coupons
Don't wait for retailers to release holiday deals. Groupon offers great discounts throughout the year. Plus, the commerce company offers savings on experience-based gifts like all-inclusive vacation packages, dinner cruises or cooking classes. PC Magazine advised consumers to follow Groupon's social media accounts, as it often leaks upcoming deals via periodic Facebook updates and Tweets. The company also runs social media promotions that offer users the opportunity to earn free deals or Groupon bucks.

Digitize your deal hunt
Commerce apps like ShopAdvisor help you spot trends, shop products and compile easily-accessible shopping lists that you can share with your friends. According to Wired, Facebook is looking to take over the online-shopping industry. The social media giant is currently testing a new commerce feature that will enable users to shop via their timelines. Use Google Wallet? The mobile payment app gives you access to discounted products from a variety of affiliated web retailers, reported Life Hacker.  

Make waiting manageable
As most seasoned Black Friday deal-seekers will tell you, holiday shopping requires patience. Long lines are commonplace. According to City Lab, Americans spend 37 billion hours waiting in line each year. Wait times have gotten so lengthy that some savvy shoppers have started hiring others to wait for them, reported Money. Instead of hiring your cash-strapped nephew to hold your spot, improve the actual waiting experience. First, load up your e-reader. Need reading recommendations? You can use a site like Goodreads to build a literary itinerary. If you want to pass the time with hours of mobile gaming, download Canabalt, an exhilarating retro arcade game. The game, which is available for iOS and Android devices, is literally never ending.  

Warm your loins
Chances are, you're going to spend ample time outdoors braving long lines or loading low-priced goodies into your car. Make sure you're dressed for the weather. Scarves are an essential accessory during winter. According to Indefinitely Wild, wearing a scarf equates to throwing on an extra sweater, as your neck is packed with a large number of blood vessels. If copious layers aren't enough, supplement with pocket warmers. You can even make your own - all you need is zipper storage bags, water, and calcium chloride pellets, reported Mental Floss. Wary of homegrown chemical reactions? Try a hand-warming phone app instead. According to Gizmodo, Pocket Heater transforms your smart phone into a hot air blower.

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