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Take surveys for money to pay for digital content

Entertainment can be expensive. Even if you're patient enough to wait until a movie is available for digital download, there's a pretty good chance you're going to be spending at least $17 for the latest and greatest Hollywood release. Abstaining from consuming the wonders of the silver screen is always a possibility, but should people deny themselves the pleasure of experiencing movie magic? Thankfully, there's a way to put a dent in these expenses by making money online on Opinion Outpost, which provides its members with gift cards to select online stores. 

Covering all the bases
Subscribing to a yearly membership with Amazon Prime can supply you with a seemingly limitless collection of digital content. For an annual payment, members can benefit from free two-day shipping, watch nearly 40,000 movies and TV shows and borrow an astounding 300,000 books that can be read on a Kindle. The worlds of fiction and non-fiction alike are available at your fingertips, opening you up to perspectives, insight and entertainment you may have never experienced before. 

So how do you pay for the $100 annual subscription? Opinion Outpost rewards its members with Amazon gift cards which could be put toward the yearly fee. By getting paid to take surveys on the website, it's very possible that members could significantly reduce the initial out-of-pocket expense. 

Not to mention, a moral standpoint is established when one pays for a service. Sure, you could search online for a free download of a movie, book or collection of TV show episodes, but you'd be cheating out the professionals who put so much time and effort into developing and producing the content. Thinking up of concept for a film is relatively simple, but acquiring the funding and organizing the resources to make it all possible is incredibly difficult. 

Need some enrichment? 
The amount of content available with a subscription to Amazon Prime is simply amazing. One could spend hours in search of that one book out of 300,000 offered by the web service. Everything from contemporary non-fiction to fantasy is available to members. Feel like getting lost in a mythical world in which two people carry an object that weighs less than an ounce across thousands of miles to a volcano, just to get rid of it? Go right ahead. Want to learn about Iranian foreign policy? That's possible too. Best of all, you don't have to spend $15 a pop or more to read a book and then have it sit on an overflowing shelf for the next five years. 

Taking surveys online for money does more than contribute to valuable actionable intelligence. Opinion Outpost provides you with the chance to experience worlds through the eyes of directors, authors, historians and journalists. If you capitalize on such an opportunity, there's a good chance that you may discover a random newfound interest. Heck, a how-to-guide on chair-making could lead you to set up a work station in your garage - but you'll never know unless you act on the chance. 

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