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Take surveys for cash while improving regional infrastructure

Whether a slew of potholes littering a state highway or a lackluster town sewage system, many United States citizens have a bone to pick with state and local municipalities. More often than not, when legislators ask constituents which parts of the infrastructure need improvement, the answer ends up being "a lot." In order to bypass this generalization, a number of people visit Opinion Outpost, which offers a way to make money online and submit their input regarding tangible public services. 

Getting the roads fixed 
Driving can be pretty relaxing when you're not trying to maneuver around a collection of potholes on a state highway. Hitting one of these obstructions can either have zero effect at all or add another hour onto an already lengthy trip. However, writing a terse letter to the state highway department probably isn't going to get you anywhere. Yet, those same authorities are most likely consulting studies featuring the opinions of constituents who were offered the chance to take surveys for money. Public officials typically acknowledge statistics pertaining to the masses as opposed to the bitter complaints of a single person. 

Imagine that you're cruising at a comfortable 65 miles per hour. It's the middle of the summer - a fine time to visit your Great Aunt Babs up in New Hampshire. You roll down your window, take a breath of fresh air and then you hit it: a massive pothole that severs your left front tire. It's at this time that you think to yourself, "No problem, I know how to fix a tire." After pulling over, stepping out of the car and walking around to your trunk, you realize that you don't have a spare. Looks like it's time to dole out some cash for a tow truck. This entire issue could have been avoided if the state highway department knew about the pothole and fixed the problem.

Bringing critical infrastructure into the future 
Many professionals involved in electric grid optimizations are beginning to experiment with and utilize a number of different technologies in an attempt to figure out how energy could more efficiently be delivered to consumers. In an effort to determine which implementations are working properly, utilities view statistics regarding their customers. However, gaining the information takes initiative. Therefore, some power companies sponsor online surveys for money in order garner constituent participation.

Regarding the consumer end of the bargain, websites such as Opinion Outpost offer participants gift cards for select online stores or provide subscribers with cash through PayPal accounts. If a utility customer takes enough of these surveys, he or she may be able to allocate a bulk of the funds typically used for frivolous expenses to pay off monthly bills. 

Power companies can collect all the data they want from the intelligent electronic devices they employ to gather information regarding the grid. However, they're ultimately catering to the needs and desires of consumers. If knowledge of a reoccurring problem falls through the cracks of a utility's digital information, then the company needs to make an effort to gain the customer's perspective of the situation.

How is wind technology affecting your service? Is energy delivery consistent even through major storms? These are just two of the questions frequently asked on surveys pertaining to critical infrastructure. 

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