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Take paid surveys to offset the rise in Netflix costs

Take paid surveys to offset the rise in netflix costs

According to Decider, Netflix - the wildly popular online television streaming service - is quietly working on a series of price increases this spring. For fans of shows like "House of Cards" or movie buffs, this could be disastrous news.

For Opinion Outpost users, however, there is an easy way to avoid being burned by increasing membership fees. Taking paid surveys is a quick way to make money from home online and pay for subscriptions to sites like Netflix. And if the service does become too expensive, Opinion Outpost members can redeem gift cards to places like Amazon* and buy a favorite movie on DVD. Either way, Decider reported that these price increases won't effect all users.

Grandfathered in
Netflix has raised subscription fees in recent memory, and this latest change in pricing is only going to affect the oldest users. Folks that had previously been grandfathered into a monthly fee lower than current rates will now face an increase in the amount owed. Any subscriber who is paying less than $9.99 per month will see a larger Netflix bill starting in May, Decider found.

All told, about 37 percent of members in the U.S. or about 17 million people will be affected by this price increase. For those under the oldest pricing plan and paying just $7.99 each month, this will result in an additional fee of $24 over the course of a year. For folks currently paying $8.99 per month, expect a $12 increase in annual costs.

Netflix is hoping that these price increases can bring in additional revenue without turning away existing or new customers. The company reported that only a small fraction of members will cancel their subscriptions as a result of this changing cost structure.

Increased competition
The Verge found that new online streaming services are cutting into Netflix's dominance in the binge-watching world. HBO, Hulu and Amazon are all growing their own libraries of movies and television shows and luring in new customers with original content. 

Despite new competition, Netflix has still done well to continue to expand operations. Thanks to spreading influence in global markets, the site added 75 million users in 2015, according to the Verge. In the final quarter of that year alone, the streaming service posted an impressive $1.82 billion in revenue and $43 million in profits. A huge proportion of that money goes toward paying for its large array of television shows and movies. Because there are more sites offering similar services, Netflix has focused on expanding internationally and bringing in new subscriptions to try and offset the need for significant pricing increases.

This modest price increase in the next few weeks will generate an additional $34 million in revenue each month, Decider reported, which is just a small proportion of its total cash flow. Though the subscription fees may irk a few members, the hope is that this small change will keep the site more competitive without disrupting users by limiting content offerings or access.  

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