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Take paid surveys to gear up for winter runs

Take paid surveys to gear up for winter runs

With temperatures dropping, it's time to break out the winter running gear. Though expensive, winter running wear is essential, as it defends against the dangerous outdoor conditions you might face if you plan to run outside during colder months. Luckily, you can easily absorb these expenses by taking paid surveys online at Opinion Outpost.

Below, we've assembled a list of five winter running must-haves.

1. Protect those digits
According to Runners World, your hands are especially susceptible to the cold, as they slice through the frigid air while you stride down those snow-covered streets or trails. So, you absolutely need gloves. Look for a waterproof pair made of moisture-wicking material. Breathability is also an important factor, reported Outside Magazine. And, have no fear, tech nerds - newer outdoor running gloves come equipped with screen-friendly fingertips.

2. Layered legs are best
Layering is essential in the realm of cold-weather running gear. That's why you are going to need not one but two leg-warming layers. Men's Fitness suggested athletic leggings. These will keep your legs dry and prevent skin irritation. Second, get yourself some weatherproof running pants constructed to resist the wind. Lose the Run-D.M.C. sweats, though. Baggy pants are, no matter how stylish, major moisture-collectors. Men's Fitness recommended purchasing a tapered pant instead. 

3. Keep your head covered
Scientists at Indiana University disproved the long-held belief that humans expel 40 to 45 percent of their body heat via their heads - it's actually only around 10 percent. That being said, covering your head is still pretty important. Find a fitted beanie that covers your ears. And, as with most winter running gear, make sure your new cap is both water and wind resistant. Worried about your sweaty hairdo ruining your new cap? Don't. According to a separate Outside Magazine article, many running hats come off the production line odor proof.

4. Safety comes first
Before you brave those potentially dangerous winter temperatures, download some safety apps. The Huffington Post recommended apps that enable easy or automated connectivity to emergency contacts or services and mapping apps that allow others to view the route you plan to run. Running at night or in low-visibility situations? Head lamps are essential, reported Outside Magazine. Look for a model equipped with an LED bulb and simple controls.

5. Tread carefully
Road shoes probably won't cut it during the wintertime, especially if you live in an area with high snowfall accumulation or regular ice storms. The Huffington Post advised prospective winter runners to purchase trail-running shoes. According to Men's Fitness, these shoes usually have thick rubber soles meant to address the loss in traction most runners face in slippery, precipitation-laden situations. If you plan to run in multiple inches of snowfall, you might want to acquire trail gaiters, which prevent snow from finding its way into your shoes. Most models strap directly onto any pair of sneakers, reported Outside Magazine. 

So, you have your winter running shopping list. Now it's time to boost your budget and earn extra money by filling out paid surveys online.

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