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Take paid surveys to buy these 10 beach trip essentials

Beach season means countless trips to the shore with friends and family, and bringing along the right gear can make your vacation even more enjoyable. Some items are essential for staying cool, while others are great for maximizing fun.

By taking paid surveys, you can make money from home before your day at the beach, and use your earnings to buy these great accessories:

1. A new swimsuit
Preparing for beach season might mean a few trips to the gym, but without the right swimsuit, you may not be able to look your best. Look for deals online and make sure you have the perfect outfit planned for when you hit the sand.

2. Waterproof speakers
As Travel and Leisure pointed out, the beach isn't exactly the best place to bring electronics. Investing in waterproof speakers will ensure you can enjoy your favorite tunes without worrying about sand or water ruining the fun. 

Opinion Outpost members can also take paid surveys and redeem gift cards to sites like iTunes*. That means you can use your earnings to load up on the best beach music ahead of your trip.

3. Vacation vault
If you do bring along some valuables to the beach, a vacation vault is the perfect way to keep them safe, according to Budget Travel. This tiny little device will hold your keys, wallet and phone, and allow you to explore the beach or go swimming with total peace of mind.

4. An ice cream cone
There's no better way to enjoy summer than with a scoop of ice cream from the boardwalk. By taking paid surveys, you may even decide to buy your friends a cone!

5. Sunscreen
Protecting yourself from harmful UV rays is also critical for any beach trip. Be sure to get waterproof, broad spectrum sunscreen and reapply every few hours.

6. The perfect shades
Looking good at the beach doesn't stop at a swimsuit. Sunglasses are a quintessential summer accessory, but because they can get lost or damaged during your trip, it might make sense to leave your nice pair at home and buy cheaper shades when you get to the beach.

7. Ladder golf
This is a great beach game, because unlike a football, you won't have to worry about accidently getting in other people's way. At the same time, some games like cornhole or spike ball are a little too cumbersome to carry. Ladder golf is easy to set up and perfect for all ages.

8. The right sandals
You don't want to be caught rocking sneakers at the beach, so heading to the store ahead of your trip is a smart move. Grab some sandals that are comfortable and stylish.

9. Collapsible cooler
Your old cooler may still get the job done, but it's awkward to carry and takes up precious space in the trunk. Find a light, collapsible one instead so you can enjoy some refreshing drinks without any hassle. 

10. A favorite book
A beach trip can be just as relaxing as it is exciting, and diving into a favorite novel with your feet in the sand is about as cozy as it gets. You may also spring for that new book everyone's been talking about.

*iTunes® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion

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