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Surveys for cash prove a boon for public transit users

Surveys for cash prove a boon for public transit users

It's not necessarily the most common occurrence, but a few public organizations throughout the United States have indirectly offered constituents a way to earn back their tax dollars. Some authorities purchase statistical market information from online companies offering surveys for cash to anyone looking to make an extra couple of bucks. Over the past half century, city officials have expanded public transportation, but some are unsure as to whether or not the systems are appealing to citizens. 

Employees relying on subways, railways, buses and even ferries to get to work are faced with two harsh realities. The first is that they have no choice but to rely on the predetermined schedule set by the city, state or other legislative body. The second relates to the cost of using these transportation systems. A good handful of commuters pay anywhere between $280 to $300 for a monthly train pass, which doesn't account for an additional $70 to $80 spent on parking at the station.

Reducing the costs is a two-way street 
For those traveling by rail, a demand for Wi-Fi has motivated many transportation authorities to install Internet access in coaches, providing commuters with a unique opportunity. Say a person wants to offset the cost of parking at the station every day but just needs a good way to make some cash at a time that's convenient. It may be in his or her best interests to take surveys for money on the hour-long train ride. Over time, a person can put the cash earned toward commuter expenses.

If these particular commuters are lucky enough, government authorities may have sponsored some of the studies. According to the New Canaan Advertiser, Southern Connecticut authorities recently issued a survey asking those traveling to work whether or not the Metro-North Railroad is improving or worsening. The poll asks commuters what problems they typically encounter, providing them with a good avenue to have their voices heard. In addition, citizens could easy express a desire for lower pricing and other changes.

A good way to spend your time 
Wi-Fi on a commuter rail could either be a bane or a boon to a person's mental health. One could either spend an hour or more watching repeats of some mindless sitcom on Netflix or taking a survey for money. Answering a series of thought-provoking questions is much more beneficial to your well-being than sitting in front of a monitor, mouth slightly agape, imbibing information from a one-way medium. This practice could be particularly detrimental for people who use their brains as opposed to their brawn in the workplace. 

In that respect, surveys for money can provide white-collar professionals with a good warm-up at the start of the day. Not only are these people making extra money, but they're also getting the neurons ready for a day of thought-intensive work. 

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