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Survey says: 3 new statistics you didn't know about

Some people believe paid online surveys only benefit the companies that distribute them. Corporations that make products and work solely for profits aren't the only types of organizations that distribute surveys via the Web. In reality, there are a lot of news sources that use paid surveys, too.

These news sites benefit by giving their readers some cold hard facts and numbers, and you could be helping them glean this information by participating in online surveys for money. The news cycle works too quickly for reporters to call random consumers via telephone to find some answers, making online surveys an essential part of journalism.

But you would probably benefit from a few examples. Here are a few insightful survey results you may not have known about.

Apple Watch owners: 97 percent are satisfied
The smart watch may very well be the next tech sensation, but not every analyst is convinced. However, it appears consumers couldn't be happier. 

According to an Apple Watch Customer Satisfaction survey completed by the independent research organization Wristly, some 97 percent of Apple Watch owners are satisfied with the device. Breaking the numbers down further, 66 percent of wearers claimed they were "very satisfied" while 31 percent responded with "somewhat satisfied."

To put that into perspective, just 92 percent of users said they were satisfied when the now-ubiquitous iPhone was released in 2007, according to Wristly.

Happy Independence Day: 35 percent of Americans consider leaving U.S.
The Fourth of July is a time for fireworks, cookouts and Lee Greenwood, but CNBC reported some interesting trends shortly before the holiday this year. The news source reported that 35 percent of Americans consider leaving the U.S. to live in another country, according to a 2,000-person survey conducted by the U.K. money transfer service TransferWise.

Even more telling, over half of millennials - 55 percent to be exact - claimed they would consider leaving America to live in a different country.

Truth be told, this statistic doesn't reflect the actual amount of citizens that eventually renounce American citizenship - it's not even close. Around .001 percent of Americans renounced U.S. citizenship in 2014. That works out to just under 3,500 Americans. However, that was also an all-time record high.

Donald Trump is the most desirable candidate to road trip with
You've probably read that billionaire mogul Donald Trump is surging in the polls compared to the other GOP presidential candidates, but let's get down to the real important stuff. Of all the presidential nominees, who would you enjoy going on a road trip, out to dinner or on a nice European vacation with the most?

According to a recent survey by Travelzoo, one-quarter of 1,200 adults answered that they would most enjoy a trip with Donald Trump, making him the most desirable candidate. Hillary Clinton fell behind by just one percentage point, capturing 24 percent of the vote. Behind her was Joe Biden at 12 percent and Bernie Sanders at 11 percent.

There are millions of valuable insights that have been studied thanks to online surveys, but if you want to be a part of the research instead of just a reader, you'll have to sign up for them yourself.

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