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Starting a cover band? Buy music with iTunes gift cards

Sometimes, instead of tediously writing original music as you and your buddies had intended when you decided to form a band, you end up ripping off some of your favorite artists. It's hard not to, especially when you try to subscribe to a particular genre. 

So you decide to commit to covering songs as opposed to assembling your own. However, you find that's easier said than done. If you're looking to mimic the sound and attitude of Dispatch or Iron Maiden, there are a lot of popular tunes that venue patrons will expect you to play. If you take the latter band into consideration, there are 15 albums you're going to have to listen to figure out your own playlist. 

Being economical 
In order to pay for such a large number of songs, you should consider logging onto Opinion Outpost and taking surveys to accumulate points. After you've participated enough, you can exchange the points for gift cards to iTunes. The website is also a good option for those looking to make money at home online, because filling out surveys is a leisurely activity that doesn't require a whole lot of time and effort. 

Being in a band can be an expensive endeavor. Between conducting maintenance on the necessary equipment and traveling to distant locations, the costs can add up. If you're a rowdy bunch of metalheads packed into a van on a week-long tour, gas and could ring up to anywhere between $200 to $500. Other travel expenses can quickly pile up. Every bit of cash helps, so why would you want to spend your hard-earned money on frivolous items? Let Opinion Outpost fund those purchases instead. 

Making it a habit 
Before you establish yourself as the next best Fleetwood Mac cover band, pay for their music by taking surveys for money. It's admirable that you're trying to learn most of their songs by ear and it shouldn't cost you a good chunk of change to do so. If  all of your bandmates become members of Opinion Outpost and take half an hour out of their days to participate, the lot of you will be able to pay for four albums within a week at the most.

After a while, the routine becomes so ordinary that you may forget that you're even logging on. It's not as if you have to take an SAT test every time you visit Opinion Outpost - you're answering simple questions that will help retailers, health care companies and organizations involved in a wide variety of other industries form better products and services. 

Rewarded for your efforts 
Making online money from home and redeeming the points you've earned for iTunes gift cards is easy, fun and a good way to start your next music project. Your band is going to spend enough cash on gas, guitars, food and many other amenities when on the road, so it's best to save up for these expenses. If you don't feel like funding music purchases, just take surveys online to foot the bill. 

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