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Show a loved one you care with cash from paid surveys

We all know the story - boy meets girl, boy dates girl, boy doesn't have enough money to take his new girlfriend out to dinner, boy stresses out constantly and is unsure what to do. Never fear, those strapped for cash in the dating scene! Men and women alike can earn extra money online by sharing their thoughts with major marketing professionals on Opinion Outpost to alleviate the exorbitant cost of dinner and a movie this day and age. For some, a happier relationship can be just a paid survey away.

Take online surveys and spend a romantic night in
If you're trying to project a low-key, romantic setting when spending time with someone you care about, making money online from home can majorly work in your favor. The points earned by taking paid surveys on Opinion Outpost can be traded in for cash to create the atmosphere your loved one desires with no extra financial inconvenience for you. 

To start, you can use the money earned to purchase ingredients for a special meal - think of something that your guest will gobble right up and use the money you earned by sharing your opinions to purchase some upscale ingredients and any additional cooking tools you don't have at home to make the smartest use of your extra cash. Some simple and delicious meals for those who are less experienced cooks include pasta puttanesca, a homemade flatbread sandwich or chicken parmesan with luscious side dishes like a Greek salad or even good, old-fashioned mashed potatoes.

Creating romantic ambience doesn't end with a plate of steaming food, though. If you're of age, a fancy martini or fruity blended drink can win brownie points with a loved one without breaking the bank. When you fill out surveys for money, it's simple and cheap to use your extra cash to purchase the makings of a perfect drink. While you're at it, it couldn't hurt to throw in a few candles - depending on the type of evening you're going for, consider a larger jar candle or tall candlesticks. When the object of your affection enters, gets a whiff of the delicious food on the table and sees the soft glow of candlelight, you'll be glad you made the extra effort .

To top off the evening, you can use your extra income to purchase a DVD or online stream of one of today's hot TV or movie releases,  whether you want to keep the romantic vibes going with a classic movie like "It Happened One Night" or "The Notebook" or lighten the mood and cuddle up with a romantic comedy like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" or "Never Been Kissed." No matter what your pick is, there's no doubt that your mate will be impressed with your gesture - showing you care means a lot, and being paid to take surveys makes this that much easier to accomplish.

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