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Sen. Bernie Sanders ends caucus celebration with "Starman"

On Feb. 1 David Bowie's "Starman" blared as Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders wrapped up his post-caucus speech in Des Moines, Iowa, reported Pitchfork. For followers of Sanders' campaign, this wasn't much of a surprise. According to PBS, the song has been a campaign staple over the past few weeks, often punctuating stump speeches and other events.

Of course, Sanders might have hopped on the Bowie bandwagon that has developed since the musician passed away last month. Bowie's death sparked a renewed international interest in his career and, more specifically, in "Starman," a single off his 1972 album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars." Minutes after news organizations first reported Bowie's passing, millions of music lovers logged into streaming services to remember the glam superstar. According to The New York Times, "Starman" received a ton of play during this sonic mourning session.

Man in song
Over the years, "Starman" has come to encapsulate Bowie the artist: An alien entity who vividly captured the human experience through seemingly unearthly means. The makeup, the heels, the spandex, the sound - the song captures it all. As a result, a variety of celebrities and musicians name-checked the track when expressing their condolences via social media.

Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut who three years ago covered Bowie's hit "Space Oddity" while aboard the International Space Station, referenced the song in his brief Twitter tribute:

Those who offered written remembrances mentioned the track, as well.

"David Bowie is my idea of a rock star," said U2 lead singer Bono in an essay published in Rolling Stone. "Right now, I'm in Myanmar, a little cut off from the reaction to David's passing, but I can assure you the sky is a lot darker here without the Starman."

Netting the millennial vote
Sanders' use of "Starman" isn't surprising considering his reliance on young voters. According to Bustle, millennials love Bowie. His subversive art encourages them to embrace an increasingly liberal world, reported Medill Reports Chicago.

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