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Savvy financial tips to follow before 9 a.m.

Even if you don't identify as a morning person, finding ways to save a bit of money at the start of the day is sure to put a little bit of pep in your step. Begin your morning the right way by trying out these clever tips:

Water the garden
There are a number of landscaping tricks that can result in serious savings, but to save a bit of money and keep your lawn or garden at its healthiest, getting an early start can make a big difference. Setting up the sprinkler or getting out and giving your plants a drink in the morning is a smart move, because cooler morning temperatures  means less liquid is lost to evaporation. Lower your water bill while simultaneously making sure your garden gets enough liquid.

At the same time, the water will evaporate throughout the day, which minimizes the risk of a bacterial or fungal infection, according to Reader's Digest. This will keep your plants healthy and make it possible to save on gardening extras.

Invest in a coffee mug
A simple reusable mug is critical for anyone who gets a morning cup of java at a coffee shop like Starbucks or other chain. Many locations will charge less for individuals who bring their own mug, in many cases cutting the cost in half. If you buy coffee several times a week, the savings can add up very quickly. 

Fill up your gas tank
Reader's Digest found that most gas stations do not update their prices until around 10 or 11 in the morning, and 93 percent of the time, the price increases by noon. Not only is the price cheaper, but liquid gasoline is physically denser when the temperature is slightly cooler, meaning you get more bang for your buck in the earlier parts of the day.

Take paid surveys online
Between catching up on the morning news or scrolling through social media feeds, it's not uncommon for some folks to spend time online before work or school. By taking paid surveys with Opinion Outpost, you can earn money at home before you even walk out the front door. 

Find time for breakfast and pack a lunch
As Beauty For A Purpose pointed out, eating a healthy breakfast is crucial. Not only can you avoid snacking throughout the day by eating a square meal in the morning, but you can also avoid impulse purchases at the vending machine or coffee shop. For anyone who simply doesn't have time to cook a full breakfast, a piece of fruit is the perfect mid-morning snack.

A classic brown-bag lunch is also a great way to save some money. Buying lunch at the office or school can add up quickly over the course of a week, even at inexpensive cafeterias or fast-food restaurants. Likewise, these are likely not very healthy options. Your wallet and tummy will benefit if you take the time to put together a lunch before you head out. This can be done in the morning or even the night before. 

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