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Save money and stress by budgeting for the holidays with paid surveys now

Save money and stress by budgeting for the holidays with paid surveys now

Have you ever wondered why shopping plazas break out the holiday decorations so early? Believe it or not, it's often because a huge amount of consumers start their holiday shopping well before Black Friday. In fact, a decent amount start before Halloween has even passed. 

According to the National Retail Federation's 2014 Consumer Spending Survey, around 40 percent of consumers start spending money on the holiday season before it's time to trick-or-treat. Why is this a good strategy? Earlier buying can actually lead to a few money-saving benefits because:

  • Shoppers can take advantage of earlier deals that aren't used later in the season
  • Spending can be spread out among a series of weeks, putting less strain on budgets
  • Having extra time makes online shopping and waiting for shipping less stressful.

More than that, frugal consumers can win big by committing to some money-making strategies ahead of time. Taking surveys for money is just one great way to earn the cash you need to make all those holiday purchases, and it works even better with ample time to work with.

Start saving up with online surveys now
You can cash out quick while taking surveys online, but that's only a good strategy if you want to earn small sums. With a few weeks of answering questionnaires, you'll be able to make much more - perhaps even enough to bankroll all of your holiday spending. But you'll have to start well ahead of time for that.

Manage your holiday funds easily
And instead of cashing out regularly, you can keep your stockpile of Opinion Outpost points and strategically choose to cash out when you've saved the amount you want. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, turn those points into Amazon.com gift card* claim codes when you've saved enough.

Not only will this turn those points into usable rewards instantly, it will give you resources to spend on one the world's largest marketplaces, which is regularly stocked with all of the hottest holiday items. For the best results, try planning on cashing out on Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Black Friday. Cyber Monday hosts hundreds of deals for online shoppers who want to see how far their dollars stretch. Luckily, Amazon hosts a page where Cyber Monday deals are updated on a regular basis. Refer to it in the weeks ahead to make your Cyber Monday wish list and work out a budget.

Avoid hype and credit traps
The best part about planning early and saving with paid surveys is you won't have to indulge in those poor spending practices the last-minute shoppers do. For instance, using an Amazon gift card will always be better than using a credit card that will charge interest on top of the cost of your gifts. 

Also, shopping around online and planning your wish list will help you avoid other marketing ploys used around Black Friday and other high-traffic shopping times. Many consumers don't have any buying plans for Black Friday. Instead, they aimlessly wander around searching for deals, and that's a surefire way to spend money on things that aren't necessary. Beat the hype by earning money with paid surveys, shopping around ahead of time and doing all your buying before crunch time.

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