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Rewards for streaming media [VIDEO]

Opinion Outpost helps countless members earn money easily by providing them with paid surveys about the products and brands they know best.

Many of these members choose to use their earnings for household expenses like bills. However, when members aren't paying bills, they may choose to redeem their Opinion Outpost point for gift cards to popular online vendors like Amazon. Users take these gift cards and buy music, movies, and tv shows to stream on any number of devices.

With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HboGo, the interest in consuming media is rising. Making the rewards Opinion Outpost Offers more popular. This is why we asked our users about the future of streaming media.

In a poll of about three thousand Opinion Outpost users, an overwhelming percentage, 85 to be exact, agreed that alternative tv streaming options continue to grow, and that they will become more popular than traditional cable services like Comcast and AT&T.

To see other popular reward options, and to earn rewards you can use for streaming media, join Opinion Outpost for free!

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