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Relaxation for Less: Everyday Techniques to Calm You Down

Relaxation for less: Everyday techniques to calm you down

The hard truth is that life is difficult, and can often stress people out to the point of mania. As our culture becomes more motivated by money and craves constant gratification from the digital and tangible worlds, it's no surprise that a study from the American Psychology Association this year indicated that not only are Americans more stressed that ever, but that teenagers experience the same levels of stress that adults do.

A little of this agony can be relieved when you earn money at home with paid surveys to supplement needed income, but even making some extra cash can't fully relieve all the daily stressors in life. To help you unwind, here are some affordable and unusual relaxation techniques!

For the good-humored: Laughter Yoga
For some, even hearing the word "yoga" makes their muscles tense up and brings back nightmares of a rubber mat and an inability to be flexible. Fear no more - an emerging technique that began in India, "laughter yoga," was designed for people who may not be comfortable with conventional relaxation techniques. The practice is gradually becoming more common in the States, as well, and a business called Let's Laugh Today recently opened in the Boston area. Boston Magazine contributor Jamie Ducharme interviewed proprietor Bill Hamaker about his motivation to start the business.

"Psychologically it makes you feel better, physically it's an aerobic workout," Hamaker explained. "It helps with anxiety and depression, and it's got spiritual benefits too, because you get to be in the moment."

For those who are looking for comedy and flexibility, laughter yoga is the way to go.

For the traditional: Chinese baoding balls
For those who might be a little less comfortable working in a group, taking a few moments to rotate centuries-old baoding balls in your hand can make all the difference. The hollow metal balls originally became popular during the Ming dynasty era, and are meant to touch on pressure points in the human palm that results in an inner calm. 

Depending on the user's level of experience, baoding balls come in various sizes and densities to make those seeking relaxation comfortable, as making contact with these pressure points may be harder for those who have larger hands or are new to the technique. However, thousands of years of popular use certainly can't be wrong.

For the indulgent: Red wine bath
If you've got a few extra bucks or are taking a ton of paid surveys in your spare time, the hot red wine bath has become a relatively standard offering at high-end spas across the United States, even thought the exact benefits of the practice aren't exactly clear. Those who have an interest in a little luxury and living in high style will likely enjoy this cleansing experience, so kick back, relax and smell the alcohol fumes.

There you have it - you can fill out surveys for money to help pay the bills or maybe treat yourself, but the real healing begins when you turn inward and focus on self-care. 

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