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Regretful people probably earning money taking surveys

Regretful people probably earning money taking surveys

There are plenty of people out there that have made some mistakes - maybe even some million- or billion-dollar ones. For every person that became rich and well-known for investing in a successful company or joining a business, there are dozens more who missed the same opportunity.

Luckily, those people always have the option to earn money online, but that might not give them much comfort after missing out on a fortune. Here are some regretful people who might be taking paid online surveys today.

Ron Wayne
Most people have heard of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak - the founders of the popular tech company Apple. What they don't know is that there's another name on those legal documents from the '70s that marked the beginning of one of the richest and most powerful computer systems developers in the world. Ron Wayne is also one Apple's original founders.

Wayne told CNN that he currently lives off of his social security and makes a little extra money dealing in collector's coins and stamps. His stock in Apple would have been worth billions today. Instead, he sold what he had for $800 in Apple's earlier days.

M.C. Hammer
You might have a vague idea of M.C. Hammer's incredible ascent to music fame followed by his nose dive back to Earth, but the details are a little shocking when you hear them in full. The rapper's third release in the 1990's - "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em" - has been hailed as the most successful rap record of all time. Sure, it had "U Can't Touch This," which was perhaps the album's most iconic song, but it was further propelled to fame by Rick James' "Super Freak" and a few other singles that made it to the Top 10 at different points.

International fame, an estimated wealth of $33 million according to Bio, and some fly parachute pants - Hammer had it all. His newfound mega celebrity status even motivated him to produce and star in a film named after himself. His earnings were tremendous, but they were nothing compared to his spending. One $30 million dollar home, 17 cars, a few racehorses and 40 employees later, he was filing for bankruptcy. 

Today, Hammer is far from rich, but he still makes a few TV appearances every now and then.

Sean Quinn
Once the richest man in Ireland, Sean Quinn was discharged from bankruptcy earlier this year, according to BBC. Quinn was a self-made billionaire that started by selling gravel from his family farm and eventually expanded to glass, plastics, insurance and hotel development. 

Things went south after Quinn invested in Anglo Irish Bank, which faced bankruptcy but was bailed out through taxpayer contributions in 2008. Quinn was taken to court where plaintiffs alleged the mogul owed roughly $2 billion to the bank. After having much of his assets taken and serving a short jail time, Quinn fled to Northern Ireland to avoid arrest warrants.

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