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Pitbull and Nick Jonas headline one very surprising concert

One teenage girl in San Antonio had the quinceañera of a lifetime. Her father, a local attorney, shelled out major cash to land Pitbull and Nick Jonas for a multi-million dollar affair.

According to Learn NC, a quinceañera is a Mexican tradition that is celebrated on a young girl's fifteenth birthday. A combination between a coming-of-age party and a sweet sixteen, a quinceañera can be an intimate, touching moment, as well as a big opportunity to party, as was the case in San Antonio.

Expensive concert
Cosmopolitan reported that the girl's father spent over 1 million dollars to convince the two superstars to perform at his daugher's party. TMZ stated that each singer performed for an hour each.

Pitbull is a Cuban-American rapper who, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is valued at north of $65 million. Not only is his music incredibly popular worldwide, but he has endorsement deals with major brands such as Bud Light. The young girl's daughter told TMZ that netting Pitbull alone cost nearly one million bucks.

Nick Jonas, meanwhile cost a few hundred dollars, TMZ reported. A former member of the Jonas Brothers, the singer's net worth is closer to $18 million. The young girl took to Instagram to say thank you to the singers, posting personal pictures she took with her celebrity guests.

While the event was no doubt a night to remember, most folks probably aren't interested in shelling out that kind of dough just to hear Pitbull or Nick Jonas. Instead, taking paid surveys is an easy way to make money at home online as well as earn gift cards to sites like iTunes*, where your favorite music can be found at a much more reasonable price.

Extra costs
While landing two international pop sensations is eye-popping in and of itself, the bill for this particular quinceañera kept climbing higher. Cosmo reported that the event took place at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, where a 55,000-square foot facility was constructed specifically for the girl's quinceañera. The tent was the size of a city block and full of flowers.

TMZ stated that each of the girl's two dresses cost $20,000 and she arrived at the event in a personal Rolls Royce. The theme of the event - metamorphosis and a celebration of life - was expressed in the form of 30-foot cherry blossom trees that were imported specifically for the party.

The party planner of this quinceañera was David Monn, who told My San Antonio ahead of the event:

"We wanted to create something that gives people the experience they have not had before. That's really what I'm hoping for."

 Certainly very few teenagers have had an experience quite like this one, meaning Monn likely was successful in his endeavor. TMZ reported that even celebrity parties, like teen sensation Kylie Jenner's recent sweet sixteen, were not nearly as lavish as the Texas quinceañera, a testament to just how over the top it was.

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