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Pay for these amazing virtual reality apps by taking paid surveys

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Although some virtual reality headsets can cost hundreds of dollars, Tech Radar reported that Google Cardboard, perhaps the most basic option, can cost just a few dollars. By taking paid surveys, users can make money from home online or earn gift cards for sites like Amazon*, where Google Cardboard can be bought for under ten bucks.

Once you are equipped with the right eyewear, your smartphone is capable of streaming fully functional VR games and other applications. These allow for full immersion into new worlds, turning gaming from a static experience into an unbelievably realistic sensation. Here are just a few options available, with many more to come.

Along with providing the physical eye-wear, Greenbot explained that Google has also created an interface just for new users. Appropriately called Cardboard, the display gathers apps in a 360-degree setting as a way of familiarizing yourself with using VR. 

From there, demos like Google Earth help perfect your skills. Tour famous cultural landmarks with narration or do a fly-by of your hometown or favorite city.

Cardboard Camera
According to Greenbot, the camera feature is another perfect VR experience for newbies. Unlike other programs or apps, using the Cardboard Camera lets users create their own panorama landscapes. By adding narration or background music, it becomes easy to create a fully- immersive photo to share with friends and family or re-live on your own.

Star Wars
After dominating the box office, the creators of the latest installment of the Star Wars saga have worked hard to give fans as much contact with BB-8 and other favorite characters as possible. The VR Star Wars experience boasts nine unique video clips that users can explore completely with full production and sound effects. 

The North Face
Wearable reported that one of the most exciting and visceral experiences offered by Google Cardboard is through the North Face App, created by Jaunt. It allows you to follow along with two dare-devils as they rock climb Yosemite and base jump from red rocks in Utah.

Proton Pulse
While games are being perfected by the likes of Playstation and Oculus, Google Cardboard does offer several games. At just a few dollars, Proton Pulse is one of the best options for VR gaming, according to Wearable.

There are many levels of this brick-breaking game, and all proceeds go toward developing new, more in-depth games for VR.

Wearable found that VR capabilities have much more practical applications than just amusing games or visual entertainment. Volvo is leveraging VR to give potential buyers a complete test-drive without ever leaving the comfort of the couch. With an inviting soundtrack and beautiful scenery, virtual test drives are exciting and stunning yet informative for anyone considering a new ride.

Titans of Space
For some, VR is out of this world, and the app Titans of Space takes that sensation to heart. Users can whip around the solar system and beyond, visiting far-off planets and examining them in brilliant color alongside informative displays. Optional narration as well as a space-aged soundtrack enhance the experience further, meaning anyone can become the next Neil deGrasse Tyson or Carl Sagan.

*Amazon.com is not a sponsor of this program. For complete gift card terms and conditions, see www.amazon.com/gc-legal. ©,®,™ Amazon.com Inc. and/or its affiliates, 2014. No expiration date or service fees.

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