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Pay for date movies by earning money through Opinion Outpost

Pay for date movies by earning money through Opinion Outpost

You know there's that perfect snuggle movie your significant other just can't help but feel like a million bucks while watching. If he or she is coming over to your place to view it, you're obligated (as the gracious host) to obtain it. So how do you end up paying for it? By joining Opinion Outpost, a website that offers its members rewards for taking surveys, you can earn money online and use that cash to pay for a feature film your loved one just can't help but get immersed in.

Testing out the waters? Perfect  
Say you're still in the dating or "going steady" phase of the game. If you're in that stage, then choosing the right film may dictate whether or not you progress to the next step. At this point, every wrong move is carefully scrutinized, and can result in thoughts like "Maybe she isn't for me" or "I guess he isn't 'the one." You have to pick a movie that speaks to your special someone's personality and interests or risk torpedoing the future of your relationship. 

Yet, that's the problem - there's just too many options out there. Luckily, media stores such as iTunes recommend movies that individual account-holders have browsed or purchased in the past. However, it's no surprise that some of these movies cost $10 or more - that is, if you want to own them. On the other hand, if you're not trying to buy "Legally Blonde" or "The Bridges of Madison County" (even if it is your guilty pleasure) you can typically rent such flicks for under $5. 

Paying for entertainment 
If it's a date, there's a good chance you're probably going to have to dole out some cash. Thankfully, Opinion Outpost offers iTunes gift cards as well as the opportunity to get paid for taking surveys. If you spend a couple of hours on the website every few days, you may receive enough gift cards or cash through PayPal to purchase films ranging from "The Shawshank Redemption" to "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." Don't lie, you've seriously thought about buying the latter more than once. 

Do you need to leave the comfort of your bedroom to reap the rewards associated with Opinion Outpost? Absolutely not. There are very few other  channels in the world that give you the luxury of making money online from home. Feel like opening up a bag of potato chips and filling out the surveys under the covers of your bed? Who's going to judge you? You're getting paid to do it! if you participate on a daily basis, the gift cards you'll receive from Opinion Outpost will be enough to pay for your significant other's favorite flick.

Essentially, you want to make this night perfect - so don't mess it up by not being able to pick the right kind of entertainment that will make your loved one (or crush) think "He knows me so well!" Opinion Outpost can give you the capital, but ultimately, it's you who needs to make the choice. 

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