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Pay for Christmas tree essentials by taking paid surveys

Pay for Christmas tree essentials by taking paid surveys

Last year Americans purchased approximately 26.3 million real Christmas trees, reported Statista. Planning to pluck an evergreen from your local tree farm this year? Christmas conifers are serious business, so get ready to buy some accessories. Of course, Opinion Outpost can help with that. Just take a few paid surveys and you will be on your way to hosting a festive fir. Once you've bolstered your budget, check out the list of Christmas tree accoutrements below.    

Choose the right tree
Most tree-buyers purchase their pine at chain hardware stores and tree farms. Don't follow the crowd. According Outside Magazine, it's perfectly legal to harvest tress from U.S. National Forests. From November through December, the U.S. Forest Service sells tree-chopping permits for $10. If you decide to pursue this path, you're not only helping maintain the forest but also saving money. Last year, the average tree cost $40. Before embarking on a journey to the nearest national forest, stock up on twine and purchase a modest pruning saw - most trees designated for cutting are young and don't require the services of a chainsaw.

Prep the premises
As soon as you get your prized conifer home, get it in water. And yes, watering your tree actually extends its lifespan, reported a study from the University of Wisconsin. Also, you're going to need to schedule consistent watering sessions over the course of that initial 24-hour period. Your tree will likely absorb over one gallon of water during its first day inside, reported Wired.  Forego the tree food, though. According to Popular Mechanics, it just doesn't work.  

Break out the lights
Around 92 percent of Americans purchase and decorate a Christmas tree each year. It's also likely that a similar percentage of our fellow citizens begin their tree-decorating sessions by applying lights. According to Mental Floss, Thomas Edison released the first electric Christmas tree lights in 1882, a handy invention that replaced the potentially disastrous tree-illuminating method of clipping candles to branches. Make sure you pick up lights equipped with light-emitting diodes - they are 27 percent more efficient than run-of-the-mill incandescent light sets.

Hang the ornaments
Ornaments are key to a well-furnished evergreen. But before you hit the home improvement store in search of tree decor, find a more fulfilling alternative. Decorate and donate - charity organizations like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital sell handmade ornaments during the holidays. Personalized ornaments are also good replacements for bland store-bought fare, as they make each holiday decorating session a tour through times past. Looking for do-it-yourself decorative options? Check out Buzzfeed's suggestions.  

Top it all off
As much as 51 percent of Americans consider their holiday traditions "strongly religious." Of course, this translates to tree decor, the pinnacle of which is the tree topper. Many families still top their trees with angels, the traditional choice. If you want an unorthodox topper, peruse Apartment Therapy's list of affordable conifer-crowning options. Those caught up in the DIY trend should look through Buzzfeed's twig-based topper designs. 

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