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Part-time workers can find solace on Opinion Outpost

Part-time workers can find solace on Opinion Outpost

If you're a parent working part time, there's a good chance you'd like to find a way to make money online. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you've taken advantage of the privilege of working from the comfort of your own home. After all, someone has to look after the kids. Still, the fact that you're only putting in about 22 hours a week at the most can be disgruntling. Though you know you have other responsibilities (taking care of a couple of rambunctious 5-year-olds is a full time job in and of itself) you can't help but wonder how you could bring in some more cash.

Thankfully, there's a stress-free, easy way to do so. By signing up with Opinion Outpost, you can get paid for taking surveys. Compensation is either received in the form of digital cash through a PayPal account or gift cards for iTunes or Amazon. Depending on how much you participate, you may be able to pay for basic household items or even groceries. As they say - every little bit helps.

Do it while you're unwinding
It's amazing how much energy kids have. Before you've even thought about waking up in the morning, they're already running around the house screaming their heads off or jumping on your bed in an attempt to wake up you and your significant other. There's no stopping them. Still half asleep, you herd them into the kitchen to serve up a couple of bowls of (close to sugarless) cereal.

After your spouse has left you and your children for the daily grind, you're left with the task of entertaining your kids for a couple of hours. Everything from playing dress up to mindlessly trucking dirt from one end of the sandbox to the other is covered. Maybe you take them to the playground so they can expel some energy with the their neighborhood friends.

Then comes the crash: When you return home and your kids are too tired to stand up. After settling them in for an afternoon nap, you've got at least an hour a kill - so use it to fill out surveys for money on Opinion Outpost. Carting your children around for the majority of the day can be exhausting, so you log on to the website whenever you're looking to relax.

Use it to your advantage
When you're a parent, your whole life revolves around your kids. There's nothing wrong with that - they're your flesh and blood! By taking enough surveys on Opinion Outpost, you can redeem the points you accumulate for iTunes or Amazon gift cards. That means you can buy children's books such as "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," "Goodnight Moon," or a stack of Dr. Seuss stories. On the other hand, purchasing a Disney movie on iTunes isn't a bad idea either. Whatever your preference, participating in Opinion Outpost's surveys will supplement your part-time income and provide you with ways to entertain your children.

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